Why Glass Partitions Are Necessary Coming Out of COVID-19

Businesses, schools, and other establishments have reopened to the public. The way in which our American establishments chose to guard themselves against the future potential of spreading Coronavirus and its variants will depend on what systems, spatial solutions and safety equipment are available. As a business owner or superintendent of a school or college, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your customers and students within your facilities. One effective social distancing solution in public places is to implement glass walls and glass wall partitions to create safe spaces and physical distancing in otherwise communal areas. While other available spatial partitions remain on the market, it is important to understand the benefits of glass as compared with other alternative materials. Below are a few examples of where glass wall partitions can be used, the benefits these partitions, room dividers and wellness “pods” provide, and helpful inspiration for your establishment moving forward.

Partitions can and should be introduced to create:

  • safe classrooms
  • healthy locker rooms/ school gyms
  • more productive workspaces
  • dynamic common areas
  • healthier clinics / partitioned nurses offices
  • quiet zones (study areas)

Where Wellness Walls and Glass Wall Partitions Can Be Implemented

Nurses Office:

Protecting student and healthcare staff, opens in a new windowWellness Walls are easy to be installed into any nurse’s office or health center on campus. Wellness pods are even smaller, single-person waiting rooms with clear glass doors for visibility so healthcare workers can easily monitor patients/students inside. Separating the sick from those who are well will help stop the spread of invisible viruses and illnesses.

In The Classroom:

By creating enhanced spatial separation throughout the opens in a new windowclassroom, students can remain safer during instruction with less physical integration. Quiet corners/study zones are helpful for students that need extra time to complete tasks or make-up tests.

Locker Rooms:

Protect students from potential peer-to-peer exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses by installing glass wall partitions and room dividers throughout locker rooms and exercise facilities. Our glass walls come in a variety of customizable options, that range in glass opacity, size, configuration, and accessories. For private spaces such as locker rooms, our opaque glass options would work great, providing enhanced privacy for students.

School & Public Libraries:

Education should and can be a productive, safe, and well-enjoyed experience for all. While many are fearful of returning to public learning facilities such as libraries, you can ensure the safety of any and all visitors by implementing the necessary devices to provide a risk-free public environment. Custom-made glass room dividers and office partitions create a wonderful spatial barrier for study corners, checking out/purchasing lines, and perusing zones. These environments dampen airborne disease transmission and empower educators and workers to perform at their best because risk-free means stress-free.

Enhanced Cleanliness

Our glass walls are super easy to clean, are resistant to damage and water, and are conveniently offered in a wide range of glass opacities, from completely opaque, to see-through transparent. They require no construction and take less than 24 hours to be installed by our team of professional installers.

Our glass room dividers and Wellness Walls are much longer-lasting than alternative materials like acrylic or wood and can be easily cleaned and disinfected within seconds. While acrylic materials are porous and allow for bacteria to set in, glass is antimicrobial, which is why most wellness facilities and hospitals choose glass over any other material for walls and partitions. Due to the tempered design, our glass walls can be sterilized very easily while holding up in highly trafficked enhanced usage environments.

To achieve an enhanced safety standard, and to create a well-functioning environment for your students, employees and instructors, consider installing wellness walls and glass wall partitions into your establishment. Spatial separation is the most crucial element in this process to safeguard everyone against this deadly virus. Make your facility as safe as possible to effectively stop the spread of COVID 19 by integrating glass wall partitions and increased person-to-person separation. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and opens in a new windowGet a quote from one of our professionals today.


Bringing Remote Workers Back to the Office

Our life since the pandemic began has evolved dramatically. For some employees, making space on a cluttered kitchen counter for kids to participate in their remote learning (while pets are running around and barking) was a less than ideal solution. If you sent your staff home to quarantine during the peak of COVID, but are now ready to get them back into the office, there are some best practices emerging on how to get workers excited to return to work.

fixed panel office partitions

Overhaul the Office 

Yes, really. Your office may be long overdue for an overhaul. Better furniture, lighting, and a space that offers true comfort and productivity can beat a opens in a new windowcubicle in the corner of a dark room (or a cluttered kitchen) any day. While you might have gotten away with less in the past, now is the time to rethink the setup of the space you offer to your workers. If you can add plants, windows, break down barriers and let people thrive, they will enjoy coming back in. Offering new and creative solutions to offices, opens in a new windowlike QUBIGLASS®, can lighten the mood, and bring the spirit of collaboration back into your space. 

Perk Up

Gyms are back! Snack bars! All the things we might have taken for granted in the past are real treasures now. Are you offering unlimited coffee, the occasional social event or maybe happy hour? The little things are big again and will be appreciated by those who enjoy spending time with their peers and coworkers. On a tight budget, you might just improve parking or childcare, popcorn breaks and anything that can beat the ‘covid-fatigue’ for those tired of being at home. 

Think Hybrid

Chances are not everyone will be thrilled if you make the office 100% mandatory 100% of the time. Think flexibly and ease everyone in. Maybe every other day is a work-from-home day, or maybe you can let certain departments stagger time to skip rush hour. Rotate staff members’ schedules so there is still a safe environment as opposed to max capacity. We’ve seen many businesses let remote work become an incentive or earnable reward for great work. 

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Not just pop song lyrics, but smart business advice. Asking your employees how they envision their future with your business could surprise you. Try anonymous surveys to ease the pressure and hear more honest feedback. If you’re open and receptive, your employees will tell you what they truly want. We are seeing many offices add large meeting rooms. You may want to add bigger and safely spaced conference spaces, places where teams that missed collaborating can work on the big picture and have opens in a new windowgroup meetings.

Many major companies feel they have delayed their return to work long enough, and more and more businesses are eager to get the gang back together again. By thinking through the logistics and maybe making some key improvements, you will get your team excited about seeing each other again with vaccinated high fives all over the office.

If you need to reimagine, refresh and make key upgrades to improve your space, reach out to opens in a new windowSpace Plus now.