Simplify Your Workspace for Enhanced Clarity and Focus

The average worker admits to having difficulty maintaining focus throughout the day, for a litany of reasons. Talkative coworkers, unintended eavesdropping on important business conversations, loud phone calls, cluttered workspaces, and a general desire to be elsewhere can all lead to a lack of focus during the workday.

If this sounds all too familiar, chances are you may be experiencing a detrimental focus problem. Good news: you’re not alone! What’s more, there are a number of simple enough, attainable solutions for your workday dilemma. By using mental check-ins, spatial solutions, and giving yourself breaks when you need, you may be able to regain your ability to focus and enjoy a productive, accomplished workday once more. Read on for all the helpful tips and tactics to get you back on track!

Mental Check-ins

Many people find that having some sort of mental check-in strategy in place can help to keep them on track while also improving their general awareness of time and accountability. One useful trick is setting an alarm on your phone every thirty minutes or so that helps alert and remind you of your current task at hand and encourages you to keep to your schedule. This little

life hack can also help improve your understanding of time and how quickly the day goes by when we aren’t paying attention. Every time the alarm rings, it should signal that it’s time to recenter, reevaluate, and recall what work you aim to accomplish.

The Buddy System

Similar to the alarm method, the Buddy System encourages you to team up with a coworker of yours to create a helpful support system. Every few hours, do a quick check-in for a few minutes to see how each of you is doing, your current productivity, and if you’re staying on track. These check-ins can help each of you work through stagnant blocks or find solutions to problems that you’re experiencing that might be causing you to procrastinate.

Solace in Solitude

More often than not, the leading factor contributing to our inability to focus is our surrounding physical environment and the distractions that come with shared space. Noises, phone calls, through foot traffic in our areas, coworkers gossiping, and more. All of these fascinating goings- on can often distract us to the point where our whole workday feels like a wash. A great way to help with this is to ask your employer or management if spatial solutions could be installed in your open floor plan. Sliding glass doors for the office and glass wall partitions can offer a much- needed sense of solitude, visible privacy, and provides a distraction-free zone to enable a productive workday. Even if these sliding wall dividers don’t block out every little sound, they do offer enhanced privacy and a great physical barrier between you and your coworkers, as well as other distractions. Having your own glass “fortress” of calm and quiet, you may find yourself being able to focus like never before!

Take Needed Breaks

Too many of us find ourselves skipping lunch, staying late at the office, and in general, not allowing ourselves the necessary breaks that we truly need throughout the day. After all, we were not designed to sit still and focus on a bright screen for 8+ hours each day. Do yourself a favor and get up every few hours to walk, stretch, make a cup of tea, and get the blood flowing again. This also helps increase your ability to focus when you return to your desk ready to concentrate. Mental resets are so important when attempting to have a productive workday.

Don’t overlook that vital aspect of your workday.

Putting these tips into play, you can begin to retrain your mind and body to have a super focused, productive day, whether at the office or at home! For more ideas, inspiration, and related blogs, head over to Space Plus, a Division of The Sliding Door Company for all the best in commercial space-saving, sustainable and energy efficient solutions! From Bi-Fold doors to swing doors, wall dividers to suspended systems, Space Plus has it all. Schedule a free consultation with one of our showroom professionals and start your educational transformation today!

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Bring Your Beauty Businesses Back With These Safety Solutions

Are you a shop owner of a beauty salon that’s having a hard time convincing customers to visit your place of business? Well, you’re not alone. Almost every beauty salon has experienced difficulties gaining the trust of the client because of COVID-19. People are much less likely to go get their hair or their nails done, get a much-needed massage, or get cosmetic treatments during Coronavirus times. Admittedly, beauty treatments fall under the non-necessity category and are often seen as an “extra” indulgence. And while people are starting to attend restaurants again and go to other non-necessities, it seems like there’s still a fair amount of hesitation surrounding beauty industries. With so much online ordering available, it can be hard to keep your business above water while competing companies take to the digital marketplace.

So as a small business owner, what can you do to set your place of business apart from the rest and assure your clientele that your shop is safe and risk-free? We’ve got the top solutions for regaining their trust and business. After all, we could all benefit from some serious beauty maintenance during this worldwide pandemic. Here’s how you can make it out during these tough financial times.

Spatial Barriers

If you have a business like a boutique beauty salon whether it’s nails, hair, facials, or massages, you actually have an advantage over other businesses, physically speaking. And while a lot of these services require physical contact with your clients, it’s also very easy to create a spatial barrier from client to client through implementing partitioned stations. A great way to set up a station within a salon interior is to separate the floor space into individual zones- whether massage tables, pedicure chairs, or the hairdressing seats, you should distance them at least 6 feet apart and then install glass wall partitions to create safer individual environments for your customers to relax in while getting the service. Typically, beauty parlors have an open floor plan, which will come in handy when creating these separate zones. You can even implement a sliding glass wall partition to separate the waiting area from people receiving treatments and services.


In order to maintain the cleanest and safest facility possible for your employees and your clientele, you will need to implement some serious sanitation regulations. Consider having bottles of hand sanitizer available for walk-ins on the front counter and ask all of your employees to periodically wash their hands when switching from task to task or from patient to patient. A lot of wellness facilities are now hiring a full-time sanitation person to go around and continuously clean surfaces, wipe down equipment, clean door handles and windows, and generally, ensure that the indoor environment is kept impeccably clean.

Crucial Client Screening

Before taking new clients and walk-ins into your beauty salon, there are a few things that you could do to screen your customers to make sure that they are safe to enter and not risking others. One of the most effective methods is to take the client’s temperature right away when they walk in. Also have them fill out a form that details their travel background from the last two weeks leading up to the current day, as well as recent medical history, any noticeable symptoms that they might be experiencing, as well as their contact information should an outbreak occur. It’s very important to get all this information ahead of time before bringing them into a communal environment.


Without a doubt, one of the best ways to safeguard everyone, clients and employees, is to require everyone to wear a mask and keep a mask on for the entire duration of the visit. Your employees should be wearing a mask throughout the entire day and should be regularly switching out their masks for clean ones before each shift. Even though some clients will try to argue the mask rule, as a business owner it’s your responsibility to maintain this very simple rule in order to keep everyone safe as a mask is the best means of stopping the spread from person to person.

Remodel Your Interiors

If you have the time and resources, another way that you can convince your clients that you’re taking the pandemic seriously and providing a well-considered environment for them is to remodel your interiors to suit the current circumstances. By remodeling, you can create more spatial separation, install floor to ceiling glass doors or sliding glass room dividers to create physical space, and tailor your interiors to the client’s comfort level.

By putting these tips and considerations into practice, you can create a peaceful sanctuary for your customers to thoroughly enjoy. Everyone just wants a sense of normalcy amid the crisis, and you have the ability to offer an escape from the daily chaos of COVID. Don’t hesitate to transform your interiors today and check out  Space Plus, a Division of The Sliding Door Company for all of your special solutions! Schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives and get started on your new salon improvements!

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Schools Must Step Up to Keep Students Safe

The past few weeks have been a bit disastrous for schools and universities returning to the fall semester. With pressure to keep students in school and maintain in-person classes, these campuses and grade schools have put everyone at risk. Many of these educational institutions have opened prematurely, welcoming students back onto an unsafe campus, without all the needed safety equipment and precautions to ensure a safer learning experience. Because of this, hundreds of students and faculty have tested positive for the virus, and as it continues to spread on campus and infect hundreds, everyone is looking for answers.

What’s Happening Now

Unfortunately, within the first few weeks back on campus, many students started testing positive for COVID 19 and becoming very ill. Rather than having those who were infected self-quarantine on campus, university staff began sending those students and faculty home, oftentimes out of state. This solution has upset many, and concerned top health officials, as infected students are returning to their hometowns and potentially affecting those in their communities. They also come in contact with many others while traveling home whether by plane, bus, or other public transportation and cause dangerous outbreaks across the nation. If these infected students and staff members were to self-quarantine on campus or at home in their university town, that would greatly help stop the spread.

Solutions To Be Had

Moving forward, all educational establishments need to carefully consider the physical spaces that will be inhabited such as classrooms, cafeterias, lecture halls, libraries, and computer rooms. These shared spaces need to be carefully considered and outfitted with the proper safety equipment to maintain either 6 feet of separation from student to student or enhanced spatial separation to stop the airborne spread. As the owner of an educational institution, your place of learning can take action and make changes to the indoor environments of your school in order to create a safe place for everyone. One solution is to order and install glass wall partitions and glass room dividers to break up space and offer enhanced safety for all involved. Glass wall dividers and pop-up glass space partitions are affordable, easy to install, and help contain the virus from person to person. By setting up private stations for students to work in, you can maintain a safe learning environment and offer comfort for not only students but also faculty.

The Real Benefits

These dividers are very easy to clean as they are scratch-resistant glass and have a sleek, uncomplicated design. Compared with an acrylic alternative like Plexiglass, these glass partitions are more durable and are easier to clean because they aren’t porous like other alternatives where bacteria can settle into tiny crevasses. Highly customizable, you can choose from hundreds of different configurations to meet the needs of the classroom. Additionally, you can stay safe by ordering these glass wall partitions from the comfort of your home. Space Plus, A Division of The Sliding Door Company offers a comprehensive online ordering system and a great wide selection of sliding glass room dividers and space-saving solutions. With each order, you can choose from a variety of accessories like door handles, locks, varied opacity, and frames to make sure that your dividers work for your space, not against it. In a place like a school or a university setting, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass wall dividers are a great physical separation barrier to maintain safe study rooms or enhanced privacy within shared spaces like student libraries and tech rooms.

It’s going to take a lot of effort and evolutions in order to beat this virus and return to a sense of normalcy. Starting with education, you can provide the safest learning environment possible to get us all back on track. For more ideas, inspiration, and related blogs, head over to Space Plus, a Division of The Sliding Door Company. Schedule a free consultation with one of our showroom professionals and start your educational transformation today!

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Fall Fun with Interior Projects

For many, it might seem a bit premature to assert that summer is over. Though in places like Colorado that have already experienced snow on the ground, it may be safe to say that we have started the slow descent into the colder months- complete with shorter days, winter holidays, and increased indoor time. The transition from summer to fall isn’t always welcomed, especially in colder states where preparing for winter can be slightly depressive. Yet despite those factors, this transition offers a wonderful opportunity to recollect yourself, start the new season off fresh, and reimagine your interiors with your family. We all can expect to stay inside more in the upcoming months, so updating and freshening up your interior environment with your kids in mind is a great place to start!

The majority of our youth are currently homeschooling, which means less social interaction with their peers, no playground time, and perhaps too much of the day spent indoors on technology. Not only are they missing out on much-needed playtime, fun arts and crafts activities, and vital afterschool sports and extracurriculars, but they also miss out on healthy time away from home where they can grow and be entirely different versions of themselves outside the house. As a parent, it can be hard and frustrating to try to fill his void without the tools available to make the best out of this unfortunate situation. And although it may not fulfill the same quality as a school playground, or time with their best friends, making a special playroom for them will help remedy some of the lost fun and play they’ve become so accustomed to while being in school.

children reading a book in a tent

First Things First

To start making a “kid zone” in your home, you’ll need to pick out a space in your home that offers enough space for them to sprawl. A spare bedroom would be ideal, but if you don’t have the good fortune of an extra bedroom, pick a spot in the living room or in some larger open space in the home to develop as their new play space. Added bonus: this kid zone will also help you focus on your work and offer a small reprieve from the daily chaos!

Ask For Help

After you pick your ideal location, decide what kind of things you want in this new space. Enlist your kids as little helpers to create the ideal sanctuary for each of them. Lead with what gives them joy, and what kinds of fun activities they’re currently into! Perhaps they’re heavily into arts and crafts. Or maybe they flourish in a studious computer/tech/gaming environment. And likely, if you have more than one child, you’ll have to share the space between all of your children. Make this space work for them and divide it up into special zones where they can each have their own fun activity corner. A drawing and painting area for her and a video game zone for him, for example.

Keeping the Peace by Creating the Space

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have spatial dividers. A great way to achieve some physical separation is to install floor to ceiling sliding room dividers or glass wall partitions that you can easily install and takedown. These are a breeze to set up, and also offer invaluable flexibility without the commitment of real walls and major construction. What’s more, you can choose between an array of different glass opacities if you and the kids want some visual privacy rather than a more openly visible play area. You can also choose between a plethora of different handles, locking mechanisms, frames, and accessories to create the perfect aesthetic to suit your home!

sliding interior door to hide television

Once you’ve chosen your ideal glass wall partitions, the fun can begin! Fill the space with all the best things. Arts and crafts supplies, toys, puzzles, board games, hang artwork the kids have made on the walls and pictures of them and their friends to make the space feel like it’s theirs. We can’t underestimate how much this time has taken a toll on all of us. Kids need extra attention and love during these strange and uncertain times so filling their play space with little love notes or personal items will help them feel considered. The best perk of setting up the awesome play please for the kids is knowing that you can enjoy some of your own time while they have their zone to be wild in. Sliding glass doors and wall partitions help create a contained environment that they can clutter and cause messes in rather than overflowing the living room and shared spaces with toys, crafts, and general clutter.

Give yourself the gift of calm this fall with awesome space optimizing solutions offered at the sliding door Company. Hop online and check out our viewing catalog of sliding glass room dividers,  beautiful sliding glass barn doors, and more! Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts to get started on your exciting project today! With home delivery and online ordering, it’s never been easier to create a space out of nothing. Don’t wait to enjoy your interiors this fall, call today!

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For the DIY Fanatic; the Design Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Do It Yourself culture has exploded into every corner of the home goods industry. With the phenomenon starting on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Youtube, and later Instagram, we have seen all sorts of DIY projects gone well, and then those laughable mistakes we can all relate to. Yet regardless of the outcome, it’s a fun experiment in testing your skills, getting creative, and making use of the resources available to you. With endless interior design inspiration on the web, it can be understandably enticing to tackle your home improvement project, DIY style. But before you begin, you should know some of the basics to include in your process, and those to avoid. You may be asking yourself, what could really go wrong? Well, quite a lot. Particularly, if you’re undertaking an interior project that may forever alter the landscape of your interiors, there’s a fair amount of planning and caution to be had before diving in headfirst.

When starting a big project, the first inclination for many is to jump right into it, out of sheer excitement, curiosity, and perhaps a lack of experience. While understandable, we’re here to tell you why tearing into your home or constructing something rather sizable is a process that takes time, patience, and planning. Here are the top design tricks and ideas to integrate into your exciting new DIY project to aid in its success and save some headache and embarrassment down the road.

Always Over-Budget

By overbudgeting from the start, you’ll give yourself a comfortable cushion that you’ll likely need at some point during the DIY process. More often than not, we skimp on both budget and materials, only to realize during a critical moment, that there’s no glue, varnish, paint, dirt, fabric or money left to finish the job. Position yourself in a place to carry out the job effortlessly without making extra trips to the hardware store, or waiting until the next check comes in. Before you begin your project, create an itemized list of everything you may need to complete it, then add a few extras to give yourself that peace of mind you’ll want with your available materials. Also, always increase your budget by 10-15% to anticipate those unexpected costs down the road.

Invest In Where it Counts

Make your life easier with the right hardware and space-savers to increase your interior spaces. When jumping into a larger-scale home improvement project, think about how you could integrate some helpful spatial solutions into your remodel/upgrade/beautification to expand your floorplan and bring some serious aesthetics to the table. Building materials like glass sliding doors are wonderful space savers that offer increased flexibility, privacy, or connection depending on your unique needs. Every day our spaces change, are used for different purposes, and we need them to adapt to us. Consider something like sliding barn doors, that easily glide on a rolling track and provide an excellent barrier between communal spaces when need be. This space-saving solution easily slides open or closed. It hugs the wall and does not take up more than 1.5” of floor space. Investing in things like real hardwood, cork, or bamboo flooring (if your budget allows) will not only look much better, but these materials will last much longer than laminate or certain synthetic wood alternatives. Be careful when choosing what to skimp on, and where to splurge. If you’re a homeowner, think about the real return you’ll get when you pay the upfront costs for better quality materials.

dining space with a sliding interior door

Be As Realistic As Possible

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a remodel or a little home upgrade before truly assessing your skill set and capabilities. Always remember to overprepare, and to underestimate your skills. If not completely sure what you’re doing, or if a facet of the project trips you up, lean into that unknowing as a learning experience only to be gained from the help and guidance of a pro. Sometimes you need to call in backup, even for a DIY project. Nothing will be lost by calling in professional help for the areas you feel incapable, rather, something will be gained in the insight and craftsmanship you’ll gain. For example, hiring The Sliding Door Company to come and handle the installation process of your new sliding door or Glass Wall Partition from start to finish is one large headache avoided.

Start your DIY project as prepared as possible by considering all of these simple yet necessary tips, tactics, and reminders! Before sinking into your exciting new DIY journey, check out the experts in sliding wall solutions, Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online for more spatial solutions, view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.

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Returning to The Workplace; Office Space Trends to Expect Following Coronavirus

Coming out of an almost six-month global shutdown, many are eager to return to a normalized schedule, a physical office environment and to regain some of the coworking friendships they may have temporarily lost during quarantine. Yet the troubling factor for many is how legitimate will office safety be the months following the government reopening. What are some trends we can expect? What will the physical landscape of the indoor office look like? All very important concerns, that luckily, have some answers.

If you’re a Los Angeles resident, whether you’re returning to work in Sherman Oaks, Anaheim, or even Beverly Hills, most likely, your office space has you covered from COVID. As one of the most affected cities in the US, Los Angeles has been extra careful in recent months to safeguard employees, essential workers, and the public from passing and contracting this deadly virus. From shutting down beaches and parks to requiring face coverings before entering into stores, restaurants, and places of business, the city has taken considerable measures to flatten the curve and protect its people from these real health risks. The city has also sent health officials around to places of business to hold restaurants accountable and ensure patrons are safe and healthy. When it comes to offices, there have been a considerable amount of changes, updates, and evolutions to our normal 9-5 work environment.  Below, we’ll take a look at all of these new trends circulating the work world.

Furniture, Appliances, and Finishes

In attempts to update the office with enhanced safety precautions, many businesses are investing in new appliances that offer a more streamlined approach to use such as Nespresso coffee maker pods machines, hand sanitizer wall mounts, and keyless entry systems. These updates with help reduce the overall need to touch and infect shared spaces and necessary communal appliances. Additionally, you can install new furniture with materials that are easier to clean and disinfect. Leather, pleather, plastic, and other synthetic materials for furniture tends to be easier to wipe down and clean without ruining it compared to cotton, suede, or velvet, for example. Material finishes are also very important to consider. Glass walls for office and glass office partition panels are all great alternatives to normal painted walls or even acrylic glass that is more porous and therefore, harder to disinfect and clean. There are all trends we see starting to evolve out of the crisis.

Office Partition Panels

Safety Checks

New mandatory safety measures and checks will become common practice entering any shared work environment. Things like daily temperature checks, crafting a weekly employee staggered schedule, and requiring face masks for entry are all ways that employees can improve their safety and keep others healthy while also reducing the risk of contracting the virus. While these new measures may feel overbearing and uncomfortable at first, they are well-intended and are an integral facet in flattening the curve and keeping people safe. Workers are looking to return to the office, but they’re also looking for peace of mind.

Spatial Design

Reimagining the office environment to meet the new normal will look like a few different iterations. First, we’ll start to see wide, open floor plans with spaced-out seating, and a lot of empty desks. Secondly, it’ll be completely enclosed offices within a larger floor plan, using large sliding glass dividers and office partitions to create a separate-but-together feel. These closed offices will increase separation, reduce physical contact, and cap airborne contamination. Most people will feel the safest within their own closed-in office and free to relax and breathe openly. Last, we’ll see the transition to “hot desks” in larger co-working facilities such as We Work and Blank Spaces. These open-air environments offer individualized office desks that afford the physical separation workers crave while creating a group dynamic without the inherent danger of close proximity.

Picturing how office environments will begin to metamorphosis and adapt to a changing world can be understandably difficult. The communal shared office experience we were all so accustomed to may not be something we can look forward to anytime soon. The good news is there may be a bit of normalcy returned to our daily lives with returning to an in-house work routine and with certain businesses gradually reopening. While we may not have a defined end in sight to this pandemic, we can safeguard ourselves to slowly flatten the curve and come out of this crisis for good.

Transition your workplace into a safe, welcoming work environment by integrating new techniques, safety measures, and spatial barriers for everyone to benefit from. A “separate but together” floor plan will become a crucial element throughout this reintegration process to safeguard everyone in the office moving forward. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online for more spatial inspiration,  to view our online catalog, and to Get a quote from one of our professionals today.

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The Real Importance of Interiors on Mental Health

This past year, in particular, has been a strenuous marathon in mental strength and shear resilience amongst the rapidly changing world around us. Beginning with the unprecedented fires in Australia, the lockdowns, protests, upcoming election and now with the environmental catastrophes across the United States, such as the hurricanes and wildfires we have all been exposed to quite a lot. Perhaps the most extreme emotional turmoil than any of us had experienced in our lives thus far. And now as we begin to reemerge from the confinement of our homes, we head back into group environments that were once places of joy, camaraderie, and integration to find a very changed landscape.

These days, it is second nature to look the other way when crossing someone on the street, if not to avoid crossing the street altogether. It’s normalized to pretend people around us don’t exist because we’re told to remove ourselves from potentially dangerous situations that could lead to the spread of the virus. While these social norms are in place to protect us, they can also be extremely damaging to our human psyche. Feeling mistrust towards all strangers, and in some cases, towards family and friends, has created a collective body of people who resolve to live and work in solitude. So how can we find solutions for reintegration without compromising our humanity in the process? Below we’ll examine some ways in which we can update our interior commercial spaces to protect us from COVID 19 while also regaining some of our human relationships.

The New Open Floor Plan

We’ve all seen them. We’ve probably all experienced them. The Open Floor Plan of the future looks a little different than what is typically imagined. The open plan of today is achieved by bringing the indoors outside. Most restaurants that were allowed to reopen have transitioned to outdoor seating, filling sidewalks and once busy streets with benches, leaving room for 6 feet of separation and plenty of arm room from patron to patron. Investing in pleasantries such as tall, leafy plants and string lights, these businesses have dressed up their establishments in attempts to normalize the very abnormal circumstances. This model, now also adopted by the business world, so far appears to be the safest medium in which to bring people together in a safe, socially distanced atmosphere. The open-air space provides a sense of security for customers and employees alike, eliminating the chance of stagnant, stuffy air that may carry air droplets containing the virus. Even though restaurants and office buildings have begun taking the temperatures of staff and patrons, the vast majority of those testing positive for the virus are asymptomatic. Meaning, a simple temperature test provides little insight about contagious carriers. But with this new model of outdoor dining, open-air office spaces, and outside school lessons, there is less fear about contraction, and as the numbers indicate fewer recorded cases.

Glass Wall Partitions

Indoor Solutions

To accompany the outdoor alternative to coexisting, there are some new and seemingly successful indoor solutions for safe reintegration as well. Glass Wall Partitions and wall dividers are being installed widely throughout office space, schools and waiting rooms to protect workers and customers from spreading the disease. By creating safe, functional environments within larger office buildings we can invite employees back into the office to help readopt a sense of normalcy and collaboration into the workday. People are rightly exhausted from months of working from home. Understandably, many are itching to get back into a healthy home/work-life balance. But we cannot bring workers back into communal environments without updating these interior workplaces to meet the current circumstances. Our collective mental health is has suffered greatly over the past year, and our interiors have understandably become a critical catalyst for our mental happiness or lack thereof. Our commercial interiors should be elevated to compensate for how much time we’re forced indoors. Bringing in plants, more natural lighting, water features, and even pleasant scents all help to soothe our senses and create an elevated place to exist. Stress is caused by so many uncontrollable exterior factors, but interior design is something that certainly can be improved.

Interiors should be designed to spread and enhance beautiful daytime light, drawn in through wide windows and skylights. We aren’t meant to exist for the majority of the day in dark, depressive, artificially lighted indoor environments. By providing light-allowing windows and full-sized Glass Wall Partitions, your office space can bring health back to the workplace. Consider replacing light-blocking interior walls with modern, easy to clean, sliding glass wall partitions and floor to Sliding Glass Room Dividers to improve mental health and morale during the workday.

By providing a more health-centered office environment that integrates beautiful greenery and increased natural light, you can improve the quality of life and health for your employees and customers alike. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today!

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