Stand Out from Competing Apartment Complexes with In-Unit Glass Room Dividers

There are many important factors to consider when it comes to renovating or designing residential units. The primary concern that many contractors, interior designers, and property managers/owners face when tackling these projects is how to design a space that is functional and visually appealing.

Tenants want a space that has both common and modern home amenities, and buyers want spaces that appeal to tenants. The use of interior glass door solutions are a great way to attract potential buyers and renters, and they are a practical solution to provide many key features tenants want.

Upgraded and Modern Appeal

After location, key features that tenants look for in a rental property are renovations, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Tenants don’t want to live in a space that looks like it was previously lived in. With the installation of a glass privacy wall or sliding glass door divider, apartment units can instantly look and feel brand new. Modern features can also increase property value.

Open Floor Plan/Adjustable Space

Another desirable feature for tenants is an open floor plan. Glass walls can make a smaller space feel more spacious and open. They allow tenants to adjust the apartment layouts to their needs and maximize the available square footage. For example, a glass wall or partition between a kitchen and living area can allow tenants to create a flexible space when entertaining guests.

Natural Lighting

One of the greatest advantages of installing interior glass partitions or large sliding glass doors and windows is that it increases the amount of direct sunlight entering the space. In addition to the many health benefits, natural sunlight offers stronger and better lighting than electrical illumination. Spaces with limited electrical lighting can increase their appeal by adding more sources of natural light.

You can also increase visibility in areas which commonly don’t get a lot of direct sunlight—such as a bathroom—while maintaining privacy by opting for glass with a frosted or milky finish. Natural light also makes a property look warmer and inviting, which increases your chance of leasing or selling the property.

Environmentally Friendly

A new feature that many renters are starting to look for in an apartment nowadays is whether or not a unit is environmentally friendly. Unlike common building materials like drywall, the glass and aluminum used to build our glass room dividers do not emit any indoor pollutants or generate waste during construction/renovation. They are also fully recyclable.

Additionally, you can earn points with the LEED Certification Program by choosing to follow green building practices, which can help strengthen your qualifications as an individual contractor or business and give you an edge over the competition.

Getting Glass for Your Next Project or Investment

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Très Chic: The Allure of Glass Room Dividers in Restaurants

Restaurant owners wanting to increase their revenue and gain more space may think that renovation is the only option. However, glass panel dividers can allow for the instant transformation of a space without having to close for costly renovations and while saving owners money.

A Larger Space

Unlike solid walls or dividers, glass room dividers allow natural light through, above, and around them. This makes the room feel lighter, larger, and more open while allowing the space to be subtly divided. The perception of a larger space can make it more inviting to customers who prefer a certain level of privacy when dining, but without interrupting their line of sight. This allows diners to enjoy their experience without visual distraction.

Because glass doors and dividers don’t swing outward like traditional doors and, instead, sit near the wall and slide to the side, more total square footage is available. This also contributes to the size of your space.

Better Organization

Utilizing glass to separate the space in a restaurant allows you to make the most of that space. You may notice that a certain area isn’t as popular with diners as another due to its proximity to the kitchen, for example. Placing a divider between the kitchen entrance and the dining space can resolve this.

Dividers can also help create more space, such as in preparation areas. If you need to expand your preparation area during busier times, glass allows you to do this for as long as the space is needed.

Save Money

Using glass to divide your space allows more natural light to pass through your establishment, which means you won’t have to illuminate the space with artificial lighting. Additionally, because cool and warm air can flow above and around them, your air conditioning and heating system won’t have to work harder to regulate the temperature of the space.

Generate Revenue

Products like movable wall panels can allow restaurants to generate more revenue by allowing them to instantly divide the space into private areas for special events. As an event is happening on one side of the panel, regular dining can continue to be offered in the remainder of the space. By using several wall panels, a space can be divided further, providing areas for several private events simultaneously.

Instant Modernization

Restaurants wanting to modernize their space need look no further than the sleek elegance of glass. Available in may transparencies and styles, glass can effectively add chic as it cleverly partitions any area. Unlike trends which can come and go, glass is a timeless yet always stylish addition to your establishment.

Space Plus, A Division of The Sliding Door Company offers completely customizable glass doors and divider walls for every space. Our wide selection of frame finishes, latches, and locks can make your glass product as unique as your establishment. Our customers are our partners, participating in every stage of the process. Discover the many benefits that glass can bring to your business. Find a showroom near you by calling 1-888-869-1850.