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Space Plus

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Space Plus provides best-in-class interior glass door solutions alongside expert engineering and customer service.


To develop strong relationships with our partners by providing lasting, functional, attractive, and innovative interior glass door solutions from our factory, direct to you, worldwide.

Building cohesive determined teamwork to elevate customer experience and trust throughout the process from start to finish.

Space Plus manufactures custom interior glass walls, partitions, doors, and solutions.

Since 2005, our objective has always been to provide inspiring, state-of-the-art products that are functional and optimize the available floor space — without the long lead-time and administrative limitations of traditional construction.

Now with more than 20 showrooms in North America, we attribute our stable growth to our high standards of quality and the contributions of our innovative, creative staff.

Today, our glass room dividers, sliding doors, fixed partitions, and swing doors can be found worldwide in corporate offices, coworking spaces, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, apartment complexes, gyms, spas, hospitals, government centers, museums, and schools.

Each project is different! Space Plus specialists work with each client individually and actively participate in making sure project budgets, functional requirements, and deadlines are met. We make a concerted effort to optimize communication with each client, learn about project requirements right up front, and by building lasting relationships with our clients through successful project outcomes.

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We take pride in every project. Every Space Plus specialist personally cares about their client’s respective projects passionately. When a customer comes back to work with us on multiple projects, we consider it the most valuable compliment. Earning client loyalty is always uppermost in our minds.


We own the entire process from factory to field. We bring value to the table with the highest quality products, best pricing, and a full range of interior glass doors and dividers – from estimation all the way through to successful installations.

Continuous innovation, efficient product estimating & “value beyond doors” are what set us apart from any other entity.

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Space Plus is a division of The Sliding Door Company, the industry trendsetter for interior glass products, such as room dividers, closet doors, barn doors, fixed partitions, swing doors, and more. The Sliding Door Company manufactures its state-of-the-art interior glass door solutions and delivers directly from its own factory to both residential and commercial customers. Expert engineering and unmatched customer service have led to the company’s growth worldwide, with showrooms in the U.S., Canada, and the Asia Pacific.

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