Why Glass Doors Are the Way to Go for Fitting Rooms

There’s no doubt that having fitting rooms in a retail store adds incredible value. Giving customers the ability to try on products in-store drastically increases the chances of a sale. It’s true that having fitting rooms will impact a store’s bottom line, but the kind of doors you choose can also make a world of difference to customers.

Why Glass?

Glass is a beneficial addition to retail store layout and design for many reasons. The smooth lines of glass swing doors allow for uninterrupted visual flow through the store, which can increase its perceived size. Not to mention, glass is an attractive and elegant material that instantly elevates and transforms a store’s look.

Glass fitting room doors in frosted, laminated, or deluxe white provide customers with all the privacy they need, while still allowing light to flow through. Any of these opacity choices can include a mirrored backing for even more functionality.

brand new interior of cloth store

Unlike traditional fitting room doors that can go from floor to ceiling, glass doors leave space above and below. This allows both light and air to flow freely throughout, which eliminates the need for additional lighting and energy consumption.

Wooden shutters have been a staple for retail fitting rooms, both for their look and their ability to allow for air flow. However, because the shutters are typically non-adjustable, they may not provide enough privacy for all customers. Frosted glass, on the other hand, leaves no doubt in the fitting room that a customer will have complete privacy.

Glass Is Not Just for Doors

When considering interior store design, traditional drywall may seem the most logical choice because it’s such a commonly used building material. However, once a space is planned and drywall installed, that space cannot be changed without significant and costly renovations. The same is true of any other type of traditional wall.

Glass is an innovative design material, able to be manufactured in any size and designed for every application. From solid black to com

garment shop interior design for cloth store


garments cloth store

completely transparent, glass can serve a retail store’s every need, from showcasing products through a front window and separating interior sections to offering a place for customers to try products.

Installing interior glass partitions instead of static walls allows the use and layout of the space to be changed instantly and as frequently as required. This makes improving the visual flow and movement of customers through the space virtually effortless.

retail shopping center interior storefronts

Complete Customization

Glass is a surprisingly versatile and easy-to-install material that’s also completely customizable. Space Plus offers a wide variety of latches, locks, and frame finishes to choose from, and can also craft glass doors to include required elements for ADA compliance.

Our specialists work individually with each client, and they participate in every step of the process to ensure their design requirements are met within budget and deadline. Because we own the entire process, we can offer customers an unmatched level of personalization and functionality. Claim your free consultation or call us for information about the nearest showroom near you: 1-888-869-1850.


How Partial Glass Partitions Are Environmentally Friendly

Whether you’re building, buying, or designing an office, there are many decisions to make. One of these decisions will be which material is best for the walls and partitions of meeting rooms and office cubicles. Fabric and drywall are two of the most commonly used materials. However, if your space will be attempting to achieve LEED certification, glass interior walls are superior to traditional products in many ways.

Glass Will Get You Points

The LEED Certification Program awards points to those contractors, builders, and architects who follow best practices for green building. Although many of today’s offices continue to use drywall, any waste material generated by construction, renovation, or demolition cannot be recycled, and it ends up in the landfill. Glass office walls are far more sustainable than drywall or fabric.

LEED points are also awarded for use of materials which emit low amounts of indoor pollutants. Glass and aluminum have no waste and keep their shape overtime with no maintenance and are fully recyclable, making it an ideal material to increase the green content of your office.

Reduced Indoor Pollution

Although the interior of an office may not seem toxic, many materials emit invisible gases which can harm health. Traditional doors and walls, as well as fabrics in carpets and cubicle walls, can all contribute to the amount of indoor pollution of a space. As well, their absorbent nature places them at risk of mold formation. However, when you use interior glass partitions to divide office space instead of other materials, indoor pollution can be eliminated.

cubicle glass dividers in office

Other Ways That Glass Benefits Health

In addition to the environmental benefits of glass, this material also has many additional health benefits for office employees. Glass allows for the passage of natural light through office space instead of having to use artificial illumination which uses electricity. Natural light improves the mood, which boosts employee efficiency and productivity.

Glass partitions can also increase air flow. How? Unlike solid drywall, a glass partition doesn’t reach the ceiling. This means that outside or ventilated air can circulate through the space without interruption, making for a more evenly heated or cooled office.

Where it comes to visibility, there is simply no substitute for glass. Solid walls and doors block employees from seeing outside views, as well as each other, which can lead to feeling cramped and isolated. Glass has the ability to offer both privacy and visibility, thanks to its many options for transparency.

Get Attractive and Highly Functional Glass for Your Office

Where the goal is environmentally friendly interior design and functionality, glass is the solution. Its functionality goes far beyond that of solid doors and walls, allowing you to change the size and privacy level of your office with a simple slide to the side.

Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company offers customers a wide range of customization options, from glass types and frame finishes to locks and latches. We partner with you at every step to ensure your complete satisfaction because we own the entire process. Find a showroom or claim your free consultation by calling us at 1-888-869-1850.