The Perfect Designs for your Multifamily Development

SpacePlus works exceptionally well with large multifamily developments. Our cities and teams are seeing more construction than ever, and great growth in cities like Austin, Nashville, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. We are proud of the work we have done renovating homes, office buildings, and other businesses across these cities and beyond. We have also teamed up with contractors so that they could have the perfect build. Here are some top industry tips we’re seeing for 2023 in multifamily:

Choose Flooring That Will Last

Flooring is of particular importance because floors can see much heavier foot traffic and furniture movement in rented units than they do in the average home. Renovating the space for durability will not only enhance the living space but give you a chance to provide eye-catching designs and longer-lasting products like tile or vinyl – which have come a long way in recent years and can look great while still lasting and remaining durable. Renters and landlords alike expect flooring options that look good, are easy to clean and hold up to wear and tear. Consider your most high-traffic areas and utilize options that look great while staying on budget!

Create Unique Layouts

Remote work and flex opportunities for employees mean that your units might be better positioned to sell/rent if you include a small desk or office option. As trends progress, we see that open spaces that can be shifted into smaller areas are becoming more popular. In a multifamily unit or office space in say a first floor/shared space setting, these versatile spaces are a must. Our systems and installations can provide the one-of-a-kind layouts you are looking for to improve your property.

Consider High-End Decor

With the millennial generation, the largest demographic of renters, high-end design elements are becoming increasingly popular in multifamily designs. There’s a new trend out there: high-end classics and sophisticated modern elements. A large, open space that is enhanced with high-quality art and installations that showcase your eye for design and make your space stand out. 

unit with separated bedroom sliding door

Unexpected Properties

It is becoming increasingly common for developers to renovate and repurpose older structures and spaces into living spaces for large families. Community-based living is on the rise as we see higher living costs in cities across the United States. Finding a unique location in a used, older up-and-coming location might be more exciting than a ground-up build. There are still modern amenities that you can pull into a classic-style building!

We want to work to bring your multifamily property to life with the visions that you have. Connect with us by contacting us here or calling us at 888.988.5033