How Your Company Can Bring Back Balance Through Design

The open office layout has been around long enough for us to have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Nearly 70 percent of companies had an open office floor plan in 2017. However, we’ve come to discover that the open office plan is not right for every company.

Do Open Offices Work?

Open offices can work well for teams where collaboration and impromptu meetings are the norm. But often workers prefer a quiet, distraction-free environment to concentrate – accountants or writers, for example. In addition, open offices may not work for employees working with sensitive or confidential information (again, accountants).

When the walls come down completely, employees have no privacy. This can drag down morale, and productivity can plummet.

What’s the Best Alternative to Open Office Design?

In reality, a combination of open, semi-private, and private spaces is probably best for most companies. This option is referred to as an activity-based workplace design (ABW), and it represents a paradigm shift in office design.

Serendipity Labs Glass Office Room Enclosures
A combination of open, semi-private, and private spaces can help you meet the needs of all workers.

We’ll allow that cubicles still serve a purpose. You are able to create semi-private and private spaces for the employees that need them.

Modern Office Design Solutions

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for the outdated padded fabric cubicles of the past. Space Plus offers modern glass office divider walls and sliding glass doors that can preserve the aesthetic edge of your office and still provide privacy and coveted individual work zones for your employees.

In addition, we offer movable wall partitions that allow you to create dynamic workspaces even more adaptable to your needs.

Office Design Recommendations

Here are some ideas for incorporating sleek and modern glass partitions into your office space.

  • Use modular cubicles with frosted privacy glass to create semi-private and private workspaces. Choose soothing colors and natural elements like potted plants to soften the space.
  • Arrange cubicles into distinctive asymmetrical clusters around your office space to add visual interest. This can help you maintain the aesthetic integrity of the space while still meeting your employees’ needs.
  • If your workforce is mostly team-based and you want to avoid stifling collaboration, partner people up in shared semi-private workspaces using office privacy panels. This way they can share fresh ideas without being subjected to the noise and distractions of a completely open office space. And, you can reconfigure the workspaces as the needs of your team change.
office meeting room with glass walls
Glass partitions can be used to create distinct office spaces with a certifiably modern look.

Reinvent Your Office Layout with Glass Partitions by Space Plus

Space Plus, a Division of The Sliding Door Company, has cemented its place as a leading producer of affordable, high-quality interior glass doors and partitions for office spaces. From tech start-ups to healthcare facilities, we help organizations enhance workspace functionality with fresh and modern interior glass door solutions.

Our glass office divider walls help you maximize interior space, create private areas for employees, and enhance the aesthetics of your office. Constructed of the highest quality tempered or laminated glass, our partitions are available in a variety of designs, glass types, and frame finishes. View our gallery for inspiration and learn more about our office partitions here.


Renovating Your Apartment Building or Multi-Unit Property with Space Plus

Interior design has undergone multiple changes in the last two decades, especially where multi-unit apartment buildings are concerned. Today’s ultra-modern structures not often offer ground floor business space, and allow residents to feel like part of a community by allowing them to connect on many levels. Let’s explore the many ways that incorporating interior glass solutions into your apartment building renovations or designs can benefit current and future tenants and owners.

Flexibility of Space Is a Top Priority

Today’s multi-family building resident wants functional, durable design. The ability to use office or common-area furniture in multiple ways without negative impact on their appearance is key. Also, today’s buildings and their communities are more environmentally-conscious than ever, making sustainable design an absolute must. When a building can provide its residents with the option to transform their space at will, the value of that space increases dramatically.

The Many Benefits of Glass

Small Apartment Studio with Room Enclosed with Interior Sliding Doors

Incorporating glass doors and walls into a building or unit’s design has several benefits. The innovative design of these products allows for an ultra-modern look, as well as complete control over the appearance of the unit’s environment.

Office Space

The office space in an apartment building can be divided with glass walls, doors, and partitions instead of solid materials. This increases the perceived size of the space and allows employees to see one another, which allows for better communication. Both air and light can flow freely through glass, which reduces energy consumption. Movable partitions and walls allow businesses to instantly adjust the size of the space to their needs.

Residential Space

The ability of glass to let in natural light offers a multitude of well-documented health benefits. Glass doors can be used in place of traditional closet, pantry, and bedroom and bathroom doors. Sliding room dividers can also work in residential spaces, offering tenants the option to change the function of a room at will.

Builders and Owners

Those who design or own multi-unit buildings can also benefit from installing sliding glass doors. Much more than a trend, these products have low environmental impact and incredibly high sustainability, both of which can result in added points for builders and owners seeking LEED certification. Certification can also be desirable for would-be residents who are in search of office or residential space in an environmentally conscious building.

Getting Glass for Your Building

There’s no doubt that glass can give tenants maximum control over their environment and getting glass for your building is easy with Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company. Every product we make is completely customized to the specifications of the contractor or building owner. All of our clients are partners in the process; we ensure complete satisfaction at every stage.

Because we own the entire process from manufacture to sale, we are able to offer high-quality, high-value products as well as a wealth of options for glass typesframe finishes, and more. Discover the benefits of our interior glass solutions; claim your free consultation or find a showroom by calling us at 1-888-869-1850.


6 Advantages of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors grew a bad reputation during the late 20th Century due to bad design and poor construction. At Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, we’ve set out to change that. We’re on a mission to revive this neglected space divider. Why do we care so much? Because the bi-folding door is nothing short of incredible. With the right design and quality manufacturing, they can work wonders for your interior. Here are 6 reasons why it might be time to reconsider bi-fold doors for your space.

They’re Unique

bi-fold doors

Bi-folding doors are a type of sliding door that folds out like an accordion. Instead of swinging out, sliding along the side, or disappearing into a recess, the panels stack up against the wall. In the past, most bi-folding doors of the past were constructed out of cheap wood (a key reason for their bad reputation), but newer, better models use higher-quality materials like tempered glass.

They Create a Nice Big Opening

Bi-folding doors are unique in that they both fold and slide, which opens up a lot of space, giving you full access to the other side. That makes them ideal for large walls, such as living room entryways or master suites. That’s also why bi-fold doors are the go-to option for large closets that span the length of a wall.

They Don’t Hog Space

Like all sliding glass doors, Space Plus’s glass bi-folding doors are great space savers. While not as discreet as pocket doors, they free up more space than traditional sliding doors since they don’t need to slide against an adjacent wall. Their ability to save space while creating a large opening makes them perfect for laundry rooms, mudrooms, closets—anywhere space is at a premium but full access is needed.

They Can Brighten Up a Room

Doors made of glass let light flow from one space to the next. Since bi-folding doors can run most, if not all, of a wall, they can have a major impact on the look and feel of the room. In short, you can take your interior from gloomy to airy just by installing bi-folding glass doors.

bi-fold closet door

They’re Perfect for Closets 

When you think of bi-folding doors, you probably think of closet doors. Indeed, they’re a popular choice for closets because they offer full access to the contents inside, unlike sliding doors, which only give you access to half of the closet at any one time. Custom bifold closet doors give you the power to choose the size, glass style, and frame design.

They’re Easy and Safe to Use

Just slide them apart, and … voila! A full view! With Space Plus, you get doors that won’t pinch your fingers. Unlike the poorly designed doors of the past, our doors feature an anti-finger-pinching system that prevents your hands from getting stuck inside the folds. Finally, our doors require no bottom tracks or heavy wood suspension systems. Instead, we support our panels with pivots and smooth-gliding upper wheels. That makes them both easier and safer to use with safety you can trust!

Want to learn more about our bi-folding doors? Contact Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, to find out all about bifold closet doors sizes and bifold closet doors installation for your project now.


Why Glass Partitions Are Necessary Coming Out of COVID-19

Businesses, schools, and other establishments have reopened to the public. The way in which our American establishments chose to guard themselves against the future potential of spreading Coronavirus and its variants will depend on what systems, spatial solutions and safety equipment are available. As a business owner or superintendent of a school or college, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your customers and students within your facilities. One effective social distancing solution in public places is to implement glass walls and glass wall partitions to create safe spaces and physical distancing in otherwise communal areas. While other available spatial partitions remain on the market, it is important to understand the benefits of glass as compared with other alternative materials. Below are a few examples of where glass wall partitions can be used, the benefits these partitions, room dividers and wellness “pods” provide, and helpful inspiration for your establishment moving forward.

Partitions can and should be introduced to create:

  • safe classrooms
  • healthy locker rooms/ school gyms
  • more productive workspaces
  • dynamic common areas
  • healthier clinics / partitioned nurses offices
  • quiet zones (study areas)

Where Wellness Walls and Glass Wall Partitions Can Be Implemented

Nurses Office:

Protecting student and healthcare staff, Wellness Walls are easy to be installed into any nurse’s office or health center on campus. Wellness pods are even smaller, single-person waiting rooms with clear glass doors for visibility so healthcare workers can easily monitor patients/students inside. Separating the sick from those who are well will help stop the spread of invisible viruses and illnesses.

In The Classroom:

By creating enhanced spatial separation throughout the classroom, students can remain safer during instruction with less physical integration. Quiet corners/study zones are helpful for students that need extra time to complete tasks or make-up tests.

Locker Rooms:

Protect students from potential peer-to-peer exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses by installing glass wall partitions and room dividers throughout locker rooms and exercise facilities. Our glass walls come in a variety of customizable options, that range in glass opacity, size, configuration, and accessories. For private spaces such as locker rooms, our opaque glass options would work great, providing enhanced privacy for students.

School & Public Libraries:

Education should and can be a productive, safe, and well-enjoyed experience for all. While many are fearful of returning to public learning facilities such as libraries, you can ensure the safety of any and all visitors by implementing the necessary devices to provide a risk-free public environment. Custom-made glass room dividers and office partitions create a wonderful spatial barrier for study corners, checking out/purchasing lines, and perusing zones. These environments dampen airborne disease transmission and empower educators and workers to perform at their best because risk-free means stress-free.

Enhanced Cleanliness

Our glass walls are super easy to clean, are resistant to damage and water, and are conveniently offered in a wide range of glass opacities, from completely opaque, to see-through transparent. They require no construction and take less than 24 hours to be installed by our team of professional installers.

Our glass room dividers and Wellness Walls are much longer-lasting than alternative materials like acrylic or wood and can be easily cleaned and disinfected within seconds. While acrylic materials are porous and allow for bacteria to set in, glass is antimicrobial, which is why most wellness facilities and hospitals choose glass over any other material for walls and partitions. Due to the tempered design, our glass walls can be sterilized very easily while holding up in highly trafficked enhanced usage environments.

To achieve an enhanced safety standard, and to create a well-functioning environment for your students, employees and instructors, consider installing wellness walls and glass wall partitions into your establishment. Spatial separation is the most crucial element in this process to safeguard everyone against this deadly virus. Make your facility as safe as possible to effectively stop the spread of COVID 19 by integrating glass wall partitions and increased person-to-person separation. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.