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Tips on How to Flourish During The Workday

We’ve all been there; tired, stressed, overworked and mentally exhausted during your workday. You glance over at the clock and your fears were correct, it’s not even close to 5 o’clock and you are far from finishing your daily tasks. Why is it you find yourself so spent day after day at the office? Perhaps it’s easily attributed to poor quality of sleep. Or maybe it’s because you aren’t living your work life as authentically and ambitiously as you could. Well, fear not, for we come bearing positive news. There are a number of healthy lifestyle choices, mental exercises and flourishes you can employ into your 9-5 to keep you jazzed, increase your quality of life, and make some serious headway on those all-consuming deadlines you’ve been running from. Read on for the secrets to flourishing during your (once dreaded) workday.

  1. Practice intentional breathing

While this may sound all too new-age for you, just consider how completely important the act of breathing is. The effect that breath has on our all-around mental and physical health is unparalleled. Though, despite the voluminous amount of findings that prove how impactful conscious breathing is on our lives, many of us tend to cast this very simple practice to the side. While at work, try to integrate mindful breathing into each hour. Start with twenty deep breaths every top of the hour. This will only take you the better half of a minute, yet the effects will generate so much lastly positivity on your whole being. Then, once you master that, increase the amount of deep breathing to 30 breaths, then forty, and so on until you reach five full minutes of deep, intentional breathing per hour. Not convinced? Try it at least twice before deciding it’s not for you.

   2. Build awesome relationships with your coworkers- and your boss!

Many employees report that a big cause for unhappiness during the workday is caused by a feeling of separateness amongst their coworkers or floormates. See if you can change this lack of closeness and human connection by asking one of your team members to have lunch with you a few days a week. Just having thirty minutes to talk with and learn about someone else’s life will significantly reduce feelings of separation. You may come to find you’re not alone in these feelings of solitude.

  3. Get outta that chair!

This one is super important. As humans, we were not physically (or mentally) designed to sit in a chair for eight-plus hours a day. Make a concerted effort to get up, walk around, stretch, and move your body a few minutes every hour or so. This act will get your blood pumping and flowing properly again, which will also flow to your brain and as a byproduct, increase your mental capabilities exponentially.

  4. Bring the gym to you

If you don’t have a gym that you frequent after your workday, and you can’t find the time during your lunch break to get up and be active, considering bringing the gym t you. Bring weights, a yoga mat, and even an exercise ball to the office if space allows. Especially if you enjoy your own office space, why wouldn’t you want to get up and enjoy some light exercise every few hours to maintain physical health and mental wellbeing? Yoga can be the answer to stagnant blood flow, stress, work-induced anxiety, and being overwhelmed. Yoga also forces you to breathe deeply, which will check #1 off your list.

  5. What’s fueling you?

It’s so important to carefully consider what you are consuming throughout your workday. While there are so many opportunities for us to make unhealthy dietary choices at work, this is where mental strength comes into play. Physicians strongly recommend packing lunch in the morning to bring to work with you. Not only with a homemade meal be a lot healthier, but it’s typically a lot cheaper and environmentally sound than ordering takeout or Grubhub every day. Try to avoid too much boredom snacking and sugary coffee drinks, as these will simply turn into stored fat as your body sits for hours and hours without being able to burn it.

  6. Create an office oasis

Crafting a serene surrounding office environment will seriously brighten your daily work experience. Consider bringing in low light houseplants, art for the walls, personal photographs and knick-knacks to personalize your space. Ask management about installing a glass office door so that you don’t feel so boxed in and closed off from the outside world. Often times, office partitions aren’t very well-considered, and therefore they can tend to detract from employees’ happiness and ensuring productivity.

  7. The power of thought

Though at times it can be understandably difficult, try to maintain a positive mental outlook and attitude, both internally and externally. The power of positive thought is growing more and more curiosity and testing because science is finding a direct correlation between people living longer and healthier who practice positive thought, and who surround themselves with positive people. Be that person in your office that spreads and inspires infectious positivity.

  8. Stop procrastinating!

Of course, this one is easier said than done. However, procrastination can have a seriously unhealthy impact on your mental health, which then effects (you guessed it!) your physical wellbeing, too. We procrastinate for a number of reasons, ranging from fear to inability, and from insecurities right down to pure laziness. Does it ever result in a positive outcome? Nope. Cut it from your life. Procrastinating only adds drama and stress to your life- both things we’re aiming to reduce.

  9. Become a sun worshipper

If at all possible, talk to your boss or management about the possibility of introducing glass walls and translucent office partitions into the open floorplan of your workspace. This will allow for so much beautiful (and necessary) natural light to free flow through the interiors and lift everyone’s spirits, boost morale and create a healthier inside environment for everyone to enjoy.

  10. Crank the tunes!

This one may seem silly, but trust, this is one of the best possible ways to increase happiness, stimulate your senses and add some serious ambiance to an otherwise dull workday. Latin jazz and Cuban dance music are known to add some vibrance and flavor to the atmosphere- don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to get out of your chair and dance a few steps of salsa (before your coworkers spot you, of course).

With all of these creative solutions to enhance your mood, your physical health, and your overall working experience, you have all the wonderful ingredients to create the idyllic workday and lifestyle centered around balance week after week! Make the move towards crafting a desirable workspace, and visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company for ideas and inspiration. Get a quote from one of our professionals to begin the transformation today.