How to Design Coworking Spaces in Educational Institutions

Designing a classroom is not like designing corporate office space. Unlike traditional office spaces, schools have specific requirements a designer must meet in order to aid and inspire student learning.

A student space should be laid out so it fosters cooperation and creativity. Focus on making it welcoming and allow extra lighting and plant life to foster socialization and encourage communication. Lighting is especially important since it can affect student productivity.

A designer can draw inspiration from other student study areas when constructing their own student coworking space. No matter where you get your inspiration, though, make sure your layout follows the items in the new classroom design checklist shown in the infographic.

If you are designing a student work area, the needs of the students are paramount. It should be well lit, foster collaboration, and provide privacy while still encouraging communication between students. To learn more about how to maximize student workspace potential, continue reading the infographic below.

Coworking Spaces for Educational Institute Infographic

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How Space Plus Meets Sustainable Design Challenges Head On

“Sustainable design” is a term you may have heard in a few business meetings, but what is it, really? In sustainable design, the present and future needs of humans and the planet are considered by making sure that structures, and the physical objects and services used to build them, are socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable.

Here’s Why Sustainable Design Matters

Sustainable design directly affects your bottom line. Before customers do business with you, they’ll want to know how your products are made, where you stand on environmental issues, and how your company supports that stance. Answering these questions before they’re even asked is absolutely critical.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program, or LEED, rates buildings according to their impact on the environment and rewards points to those responsible for designing and building these structures. Businesses which incorporate green building in their plans can also earn points to bring them closer to getting fully certified.

The structures used to divide your space, such as office cubicles and meeting room walls, can benefit greatly from sustainable design. By replacing these with sliding glass doors, room dividers, and privacy walls, your space can earn points, both with the LEED program and your employees and customers.

Why Is Glass So Great?

Interior Glass Room Dividers for Co-Working BusinessesInstalling glass office partitions, doors, and walls in your business means a multitude of benefits. Glass is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t emit any gases. It also doesn’t require painting, nor do they require any harsh cleaning products, which can lead to indoor pollution. Wood and other materials can be a breeding ground for mold because they absorb moisture; not so with glass or the aluminum used to frame it.

Because glass doors and movable walls can slide and don’t reach the ceiling, heated and cooled air can flow freely throughout a space, resulting in higher energy efficiency. Glass also allows natural light through, which offers far more cost and health benefits than artificial illumination. As well, the transparency of glass helps employees to feel less isolated, boosting morale, fostering teamwork, and improving productivity overall.

Consider Your Design Challenges Met

Getting maximum flexibility in your office design is no problem with glass partitions to allow you to keep spaces open, closed, or permanently stationary. Sliding wall doors offer an incredibly stylish look while they save square footage. A suspended system allows for maximum functionality and complete control without the barrier of a bottom track. The best part? All of these glass solutions are completely customizable by the one who knows your business best: you.

Space Plus Will Bring Your Dreams to Life

Space Plus’s customized, top-quality interior glass doors will transform your space; just visit one of our 26 showrooms in the USA and abroad to see them in action. When you’re ready to start, simply claim your free consultation. Learn about your many options for partition walls for offices and discover how easy and accurate our estimating process is. Our factory-to-field service can bring incredible value to your business. Get ready to have your expectations exceeded: call 1-888-869-1850 today.


Renovating Your Multi-Unit and Apartment Building with Space Plus

Interior design has undergone multiple changes in the last two decades, especially where multi-unit apartment buildings are concerned. Today’s ultra-modern structures not only offer business space, but also allow residents to feel like part of a community by allowing them to connect on many levels. Let’s explore the many ways that incorporating interior glass solutions into your apartment building renovations or designs can benefit current and future tenants and owners.

Flexibility of Space Is a Top Priority

Today’s multi-family building resident wants functional, durable design. The ability to use office or common-area furniture in multiple ways without negative impact on their appearance is key. Also, today’s buildings and their communities are more environmentally-conscious than ever, making sustainable design an absolute must. When a building can provide its residents with the option to transform their space at will, the value of that space increases dramatically.

The Many Benefits of Glass

Small Apartment Studio with Room Enclosed with Interior Sliding DoorsIncorporating glass doors and walls into a building or unit’s design has several benefits. The innovative design of these products allows for an ultra-modern look, as well as complete control over the appearance of the unit’s environment.

Office Space

The office space in an apartment building can be divided with glass walls, doors, and partitions instead of solid materials. This increases the perceived size of the space and allows employees to see one another, which allows for better communication. Both air and light can flow freely through glass, which reduces energy consumption. Movable partitions and walls allow businesses to instantly adjust the size of the space to their needs.

Residential Space

The ability of glass to let in natural light offers a multitude of well-documented health benefits. Glass doors can be used in place of traditional closet, pantry, and bedroom and bathroom doors. Sliding room dividers can also work in residential spaces, offering tenants the option to change the function of a room at will.

Builders and Owners

Those who design or own multi-unit buildings can also benefit from installing sliding glass doors. Much more than a trend, these products have low environmental impact and incredibly high sustainability, both of which can result in added points for builders and owners seeking LEED certification. Certification can also be desirable for would-be residents who are in search of office or residential space in an environmentally conscious building.

Getting Glass for Your Building

There’s no doubt that glass can give tenants maximum control over their environment and getting glass for your building is easy with Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company. Every product we make is completely customized to the specifications of the contractor or building owner. All of our clients are partners in the process; we ensure complete satisfaction at every stage.

Because we own the entire process from manufacture to sale, we are able to offer high-quality, high-value products as well as a wealth of options for glass types, frame finishes, and more. Discover the benefits of our interior glass solutions; claim your free consultation or find a showroom by calling us at 1-888-869-1850.


Impactful Interior Designs for the Salon or Spa

The salon or spa you’re planning to build, buy, or renovate is the place people will go when they want to treat themselves to some “me” time. As such, the environment must be as relaxing, healthy, and refreshing as possible. It must also be modern and luxurious. There are many beauty salon interior designs that can help you achieve the kind of modern and beautiful space that clients will keep returning to when they need to unwind.

Use Your Space in Unique Ways

One way to add style and comfort to your salon or spa is to think out of the box with your space planning.

Mix It Up

Instead of having a pedicure area on the same level as the rest of the area in your salon, consider placing chairs higher up, with stairs between them for access. To add even more elegance, choose antique chairs finished in luxurious satin or velvet in the waiting room to add an extra element of sophistication and comfort. You’ll want to make sure that any furniture you choose is as durable as it is attractive, and in a dark color to hide inevitable stains.

More Than One Light Source

In order to ensure your salon or spa is properly lit, you will need a variety of lighting options. For example, employees will require task lighting in order to recommend, mix, and apply hair color, makeup, and nail polish. Here, too, mixing up styles and heights of lighting can really contribute to the overall look of your space.

Breathing Room

Although you may want to pack as many stylist chairs and nail stations into your spa or salon as possible, consider that this can cause unwanted clutter. Each station needs to have enough space around it for clientele and employees to move freely, but not make the area feel cramped or uncomfortable.

Get Health, High Style, and Functionality with Glass

No matter how you want to use, plan, or light your space, glass offers a wealth of benefits and options.

Privacy and Quiet Operation

Glass is also ideal for dividing spaces because it’s available in several styles and transparency options from clear to opaque. Unlike traditional doors, sliding glass doors and walls can’t slam; instead, they quietly slide to the side and stay where they’re put, adding even more tranquility for employees and clients alike.

Natural Light

Glass interior walls, dividers, and partitions allow natural light from windows to reach every corner. When mood- and health-boosting natural light is allowed through your spa or salon, your clients will feel better and more relaxed every time they come in. As well, more natural light will make your spa or salon feel large and airy, even if it’s located in a small space.

Completely Customized Glass Doors and Walls for Your Business

Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company works with you to create completely customized interior glass partitions, walls, and doors for your spa. Claim your free consultation and learn how easy and affordable it can be to get beautiful glass for your business today: 1-888-869-1850.


Why Have Glass Wall Dividers at the Gym?

Owners and designers of commercial gyms often end up spending a lot of money to improve the space for their clients when that space is getting close to its maximum capacity. However, there are many ways to upgrade and avoid the high costs of renovations and retrofits long before space becomes an issue. Here are some things to watch for during the design and construction process of your facility.

Consider All the Space in Your Design

Facilities that plan to install moving walls, partitions, and sliding room dividers need to ensure that there will be enough space for equipment after doing so. Taking the time to ensure that glass walls and dividers will leave adequate room for the pieces of equipment and those who will be using them is a critical step that can save you thousands on future renovations.

Design for Flexibility

The flexible space isn’t just a trend; it can be a way to transform your facility into a multi-purpose location that boosts revenue. For example, when a frosted glass privacy wall has been installed, what was once a space for equipment alone can now allow clients to enjoy uninterrupted exercise on one side while others who are finished with their workout head to the new smoothie bar on the other.

Look Far Ahead

As new health information comes out and the industry evolves, so, too, should your facility. However, in order to be able to do this, you have to look into the future. What are your own goals for expansion? What will your clients want in a facility, and what will make them stay? Considering these questions during the design stage will allow for the installation of features that make future expansion far easier and more affordable for you.

man lifting dumbbell

Discover the Many Benefits of Glass

Your gym will be the place where people go to improve their health, and every aspect of your facility should support that. Interior glass partitions offer several benefits. First, the fact that they allow natural light to flow freely through your space has many health benefits to your clients, including boosting mood and morale, in addition to benefiting several of the body’s vital processes.

Unlike solid walls, glass allows for a better and wider view of your facility. When your clients can see one another, they can feel more involved in their healthy community, which can inspire social interaction and connection.

Space Plus’s top-quality glass wall dividers are available in a wide variety of types and finishes and are completely customizable to suit your facility’s every need. We own the entire process from manufacture to sale and, thanks to our simple and accurate estimating process, our products will exceed your expectations but not your budget.

Our glass dividers are available in every level of transparency, giving you an ideal level of privacy for every area in your facility. Discover how Space Plus can transform your space; claim your free consultation and start bringing your design dreams to life today by calling 1-888-869-1850.