Space Planners use Interior Glass Doors When Designing Office Entrances!

New U-Levers help Space Planners Meet ADA Requirements for Office Fronts! The U-Lever is an option for use on interior glass swing doors. The latch and deadbolt will retract when the lever is operated in a downward motion from the inside (thumb turn side).

The levers comply with the 2013 California Referenced Standards Code (CRSC 12-10-202) which requires the lever to be curved with a return to within half an inch (1/2”) of the door to prevent catching on the clothing of persons during egress. The curve also prevents a fire hose from catching behind the lever handle in case of an emergency.

Egress means: The action of a person leaving a place. Departure, Exit, Withdrawal, Retreat, Exodus, Escape.

One of the biggest challenges space planners face is how to find locks and handles for interior glass doors that meet ADA requirements.

We have a selection of locks, latches and handles that all comply with ADA while being functional, safe and durable.

A glass office front with a swing door can be keyed individually, keyed alike to match other office entrances or even master-keyed to the building lock. Our U-lever handle is the perfect compliment.

This keeps it simple for your IT Manager, Cleaning Crew and Property Manager to enter using one master key rather than having tons of keys on his/her keyring.

The U-lever must be used with Swing Doors with 3” aluminum frames. Your choice of glass and frame finish will give your office a modern & flexible solution that provides a lot of natural light!

Choosing the U-lever will help with ADA compliancy & finish off your design with style. This is why commercial space planners choose the U-lever when designing office entrances.

The U-lever comes with installation hardware, spacers, Key cylinder, Thumb-turn, Canopy, Face plate, strike plate & keys!

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Whether your office space requires modern suspended doors with no bottom track, or a stylish swing door with the U-Lever, we offer modern glass doors of all styles that add functionality and elegance to your office’s entrance.

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