Great Cost-Effective Ideas for Your New Loft Office

Office environments are always evolving. Each build-out has its own unique use, as well as a look and feel that is unique unto its owners. When considering space to rent or buy, or if you already have your space picked out, you will find many cost-effective, state-of-the-art products as well as professional expertise at Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company. Architects, General Contractors, and Interior Designers are always invited to reach out to this great resource to combine their expertise with the many years of experience we have to design the loft of your vision. Call 888-869-1850, or write or visit us, no matter what stage of exploration, design or build you are in, and we will provide you with factory direct, cost-effective solutions that you, your clients, or your co-dwellers will love. We will help you to establish the best way to get your project quoted and started no matter what the tenant improvement budget is.

The openness of a loft comes with the need to provide privacy when necessary, or even just a division of space for multiple uses. Lighting, visual privacy, and airflow are all considerations that can be addressed with our floor to ceiling room dividers. We can help you and your team to acquire the most flexibility out of shared space and the most utility out of the entire space because we have an in-depth knowledge of our products, we listen to our client’s desired functionality and have years of experience addressing the most common issues builders face in these unique loft environments.

an open office space with a sliding door

Our sliding room dividers, for example, are a fantastic way to accommodate the need for flexibility and growth. It is a good problem to have when your business is growing, so plan for your growth upfront with the flexibility provided by our stunning options of room dividers that can easily be moved aside, hidden or collapsed with simplicity and durability.

Frosted or laminated glass wall partitions are particularly popular for loft office spaces. With your choice of opaqueness, frame style, and finishes, you can allow as much natural light as is available to the space to stream freely into private offices or conference rooms without giving up visual privacy. You can completely block visibility into the rooms or simply allow occupants to be detected but not identified.

Sliding shoji-style doors are a popular and calming presence in many unique environments. These simple and streamlined looking doors add an element of interest to spaces such as coffee rooms, kitchenettes, private dining rooms and more. Creative environments tend to have mixed styles and fixtures to look “out of the box”, fresh and unique, like the people who occupy them.

Our bi-fold doors are popular in shared and co-working spaces for small phone booth privacy, or anywhere that has limitations and cannot accommodate a swing door, or even a sliding glass pocket door. There are many styles to accommodate the requirement of uniqueness in a loft build-out and we can help you sort through them easily and quickly.

office booth space with sliding doors

A particularly resourceful configuration for loft spaces is to combine room dividers with doors designed to maximize space. We have specific constructs that will allow you to literally create interior walls that incorporate the door into the enclosure you are creating. Locking systems, including keyless locks, are available to combine with your choice of finishes to ensure security. Our locking mechanisms are extremely durable and perfectly reliable. With many choices for door handles for sliding doors, you can polish off the look of your design to compliment your entire look with the help of our product specialists.

extended hallway with interior sliding doors

It is especially true that Millennials enjoy co-working and loft space very much. As this popular style of working together continues to grow, remember that Space Plus continues to have the best interior wall, door and design solutions you can find and they are all made in our own faction with quality and safety you can trust.  We will be happy to find the perfect combination of design and functional elements specifically for your project so that you can be delighted with the end result.  Visit and let us show you the possibilities.