Tasteful Room Dividers for Your Loft

The lofts in your multi-unit building provide loads of open space, but some separation is a good idea for the purposes of privacy. Glass wall dividers are a great way to divide a space into specific areas without the risk of losing that feeling of openness.

When You Want to Separate Space

The key to keeping an airy feel in loft spaces is to maintain the line of sight from one room to another. This is possible with the many available glass partition options. For example, a clear glass partition allows for the passage of light but also an uninterrupted view into an adjacent room.

Yet another great way to maintain a line of sight is with a room separator made of partially frosted glass. When placed between a unit’s kitchen and dining areas, this kind of partition can separate areas efficiently but not interfere with the view.

When You Want to Create Privacy

Glass screens are a very popular way to instantly create privacy in loft apartments. The best way to achieve total privacy is with an opaque sliding screen that reaches the ceiling. Another option for creating privacy is with a sliding glass barn door.

Where it’s preferable for light to travel uninterrupted throughout each unit, static glass barn doors or movable room partitions can be stylish and elegant additions, not to mention functional ones. When the loft’s bedroom isn’t being used, for example, a movable partition can be relocated if needed, to instantly to provide separation in another area of the unit.

When You Want Attractive Doors for Storage

In buildings where units contain pantries or other in-unit storage, glass doors are an attractive option that can be very easily installed. Once again, choosing glass in the frosted or opaque style will effectively shield stored items and provide a stylish and attractive look.

Putting Glass in Unexpected Places

Highly customizable glass doors can be installed anywhere. One of the available customizations with glass doors is the locking handle, which makes them ideal for bathroom doors—traditionally an unexpected place for glass. Because there are so many glass opacities to choose from, glass doors offer complete privacy for bathrooms.

Saving Money on Heating and Electricity

For glass panels that don’t reach the ceiling, heat can travel through the space above. Installing translucent or clear floor-to-ceiling panels will eliminate the need to turn on lighting in units until off-peak periods, which can also save money.

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