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Commercial Sliding Barn Doors & Industrial Glass Barn Doors

As the barn door increases in popularity as a preferred door choice we have created an extraordinary space-saving glass version of this wonderful standard. Sliding barn doors provide a way for you to access everything inside of a closet, fully open an entrance to a room or private space and add flare to any place in the home including pantries and home offices. Partition off an area of the house for guests, close off a storage area, divide a loft or create a home office.

Our Commercial Sliding Barn Doors have become a popular choice for online casinos outfitting their offices. The sleek design and practicality of these doors make them an ideal addition to the dynamic and modern workspaces within the casino industry. Even Bwin Poker Review articles often highlight the attention to detail and stylish aesthetic that our Commercial Sliding Barn Doors bring to the offices of online casinos. The doors not only serve a functional purpose, providing privacy and noise control, but also contribute to creating a professional and contemporary atmosphere in the workplace.

Online casinos, known for their fast-paced and innovative environments, recognize the importance of a well-designed office space. Our Commercial Sliding Barn Doors, with their customizable features and durability, offer a practical solution for dividing spaces and creating designated areas within the casino offices.

Commercial Barn Door Features:

Wall Slide systems – hugs the outside of the wall

Suspended Barn Door – hugs the wall, no bottom track

Frameless Glass Barn Door – decorative exposed hardware makes it stunning along with the 10mm thick tempered glass

Closet Barn Doors – accentuate a bedroom closet, replaces old closet doors with modern style

Framed & Frameless
Slides along wall
5-10 mm thick tempered glass
Elegant space-dividing solution
Open or close off space as you wish
Easy-glide open and close

Designed to accommodate an endless number of panel configurations is just one additional unique benefit when selecting a system from The Sliding Door Company. The flexibility we have created allows many ways to move, slide and open to suit your unique vision.

If a picture is worth 1000 words then the style of frame is the exclamation point. Select one of our many beautiful options or create one of your own.

A finish helps determine the ultimate style of your choice, whether your look is traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary our many options will allow you to complete your look flawlessly.

Choose from a wide range of glass opacities enhancing your vision with breathtaking style while maximizing natural light and creating the desired level of privacy. Tempered, laminated and specialty glass types are all manufactured with quality and safety from our own factory.


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+Do I need structural support? +What is the average turn-around time? +Do you ship barn doors? +Can I pick up and install your sliding doors? +Can I choose from different handles? +How much do interior barn doors cost? +Do you install barn doors?


Most companies sell what they have in stock. Our products are made to order, custom-tailored to you. We make each order to your taste and preference, designed to your needs. Don’t see what you need? Customize your own closet doors, design your dividers and create unique decor. We are here to help your dream become a reality. Tell us what you’d like to see in your space +

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We back every product and every project with a 10-year limited warranty, every time. We take pride in fabricating each glass door in our own factory with safety and quality in mind. We stand behind our products with pride and confidence, knowing that if a rare challenge does occur, you can count on us. LEARN MORE +


From our sales team to our design team to our installers we guarantee that you will have a positive experience from start to finish. Our process is as simple as our products are beautiful. THE PROCESS +


We know you have options when it comes to interior door solutions, so what sets Space Plus apart? Our reputation, quality, and customer service will speak for themselves, but in the meantime here are 10 reasons to choose us over any other option. 10 REASONS +

Great process, quality product and seamless install.

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Modern door designs that can be made to fit your application.

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