Why the Glass Office Is Here to Stay

Every year, offices get smaller—by at least 30 percent—and, every day, they get more transparent. Sliding glass doors have replaced solid hunks of wood and metal. See-through partitions and glass walls now rise up where tiny cubicles once stood. Welcome to the glass office of the 21st century: small and sustainable, bright and beautiful.

The Space Challenge

Businesses today face a tough challenge: maximize space in an increasingly cramped world. As square footage gets scarcer and scarcer, finding extra leg room becomes more and more difficult. How do you downsize without giving your employees a bad case of claustrophobia?

For one, you can install sliding room dividers and doors. Not only do they make an office look and feel bigger; they also cut down on wasted space. Gone are those large “dead” zones in front of swing doors. Sliding glass doors open with an easy horizontal movement.

Replacing conventional office doors with glass allows designers and their clients to skirt common design challenges. It means they can place private workspaces and conference rooms in previously taboo places like hallways or other confined spaces that can’t accommodate the clearance zones needed for swinging doors. In an era when every square foot matters, that can make all the difference.

The Light Challenge

If space is scarce, then light is a precious commodity. Particularly in North America, where offices often cover a large plot of ground, it’s hard to get natural light into the deep nooks and crannies of a building. The only alternative is to install expensive lighting fixtures—and lots of them.

That’s a deal breaker for many executives and entrepreneurs. Electric light (of any variety) is no substitute for natural light, which has been proven to elevate mood, promote health, and raise productivity.

Then there are energy costs to consider. It takes a lot of money to illuminate an otherwise dim office—unless you can find a way to bring sunlight into the deep, dark recesses of your office. The easiest way to do that is to replace solid, light-blocking walls with glass. With a simple change of materials, you get more light and less sticker shock.

The Privacy Challenge

As time goes on, more employers realize the benefits of glass. That has led to an explosion in the popularity of glass office walls and doors. Still, some have concerns. What about privacy? How about echoes?

Enter the privacy wall—a partition made of frosted or smoked glass. The best part is that each wall can be customized to meet particular needs. Some businesses choose fully frosted office partition walls. Others opt for a half-and-half arrangement.

Another popular strategy is to put a frosted strip across the center of glass room partitions. That way, employees get plenty of light and visibility, without the complete openness that comes with full transparency.

Embracing the Glass Office

There are as many reasons to embrace a glass office as there are offices in the world. Every business has its own unique set of concerns—health, privacy, productivity, energy costs, sustainability, openness, collaboration.

The popularity of glass fixtures owes largely to the fact that they satisfy such a broad spectrum of needs. Only with glass can you balance privacy and openness, collaboration and individuality, aesthetics and economics. Only with glass can you economize on space while getting an expansive design—all of which is why the glass office is here to stay.

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Professional Resources

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Customized Options

Milky glass. Frosted glass. Charcoal frames. Walnut frames. A Trio design. A Quattro design. When it comes to sliding interior doors, Space Plus gives you plenty of choices. Customize your doors to include a variety of glass types, frame finishes, frame designs, locks, and latches. The final result? Interior glass doors that are as stylish as your workspace and as unique as your employees.

Functionality Beyond Your Expectations

There’s little our sliding glass doors don’t do, aside from your taxes. They let light in. They direct foot traffic. They give you privacy when you need it and openness when you want it. They’re safe and beautiful and convenient. Instead of blocking natural light, they let it flow. That boosts everyone’s mood, increases productivity, enhances the aesthetic appeal of your office, and saves you money on heating, cooling, and lighting.

Consolidated Factory-to-Field Services

At Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, we manufacture all of our doors and room partitions in our very own factory. We don’t outsource production or subcontract out to other suppliers. Why does it matter? Our in-house fabrication process allows us to ensure quality at every step.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Workspace Balance with Glass Doors

Privacy vs. Collaboration

The current trend in office environments involves shared and collaborative workspaces. While these can help fuel productivity, there can be drawbacks, especially when privacy is needed. Fortunately, businesses are not stuck choosing either private offices or open workspaces.

Now there is a solution that provides you the perfect balance between the two work environments so everyone can benefit. Your employees can have privacy when they are on an important conference call and still be able to work collaborating alongside their fellow co-workers.

To learn more about the pros and cons and private and collaborative workspaces and how sliding glass partitions, sliding glass doors, and space saving office fronts can give you the flexibility you require, we invite you to read the following infographic.

Afterward, to learn more about our solutions or to request further information please feel free to directly contact us here at Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company.