How to Get the Most Out Of Your Design for a Retail Medical Facility

“Retail” medical services are those that are on-demand, easily accessed, and cheaper than a visit to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. This is why urgent care facilities alone have increased from 6,400 in 2014 to 8,100 in 2018, with at least another 500 facilities ready to open this year, according to Consumer Report.  Upgraded services are being offered to compete in this demanding market; blood testing, wound care, and X-rays for sprains/fractures are added services that change the use of space as more and more state-of-the-art facilities are being created to meet the demands of the large, retiring baby-boomer population as well as discerning millennials, who want the best medical technology and access to it as soon as they need it.

Designers that are part of a larger organization want to maintain the experience and look of their particular brand. The design experts at Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, have experience working with architects, general contractors, and interior designers to create a cost-effective look with high-quality products so designers can maintain brand continuity throughout the facility. We have products that will provide compliance toward LEED points as well as ADA compliance. Give us a call on 888-869-1850 and we can work with you to meet all of your specifications.

partition wall in an office space

Controlling Costs

Construction costs can be difficult to control, especially given that most facilities of the larger brands have very minimal budgets, which makes the brand consistency tricky to maintain. In many cases, the location strategy of new urgent care is for the brand to simply have a presence in that area when their flagship facilities are further away. Urgent care centers use a B-plus business occupancy standard and designers and builders are finding that one of the best ways to design and build a sophisticated, stress-reducing medical facility is to use glass barn doors for sleek, unobtrusive elements. This is also why our office wall partitions for this kind of build-out are in demand at Space Plus. Working with us will ensure that you spend wisely on the appropriate style while giving visual privacy to patients and caregivers.

When working with a general contractor in a design/build arrangement, it is usually beneficial to get their input early in the process. We encourage all builders to work with our experts to identify the best products for the budget and design. Recognizable brands such as Lens Crafter’s, Petco, Mercy Medical, Dignity Health, and Quest Diagnostics have all utilized our product and design expertise to successfully achieve the most cost-effective functionality and aesthetically pleasing result.

sliding door in a fitness studio

Because facilities such as these need many private spaces, designers are taking advantage of our glass walls and partitions to maximize whatever natural light is available. Even though they provide complete privacy, they allow the occupant of an exam or other small room to not feel as shut off from the rest of the space as well. Our suspended systems complement most any architectural style and can be configured from many aluminum frame finishes, glass opacities, locks, lathes, and key options.

sliding doors in a medical facility

Retail facilities need solutions to address medical records storage. HIPAA regulations can be addressed using our sliding door locks. Our locking systems are state-of-the-art, and our experts know which system is best for the doors or partitions that you have chosen.

Clean Lines for Design

Clean lines within the architectural design of a facility convey a clean environment. To have the right set of eyes on your project, call, write or visit Space Plus to conduct the research necessary to make the right design choices for your build-out. We can start with an exploratory conversation, compile suggestions of what would work within your budget, and help you to keep the momentum moving towards your deadline, ideally, right from the start. Call (888) 869-1850, or write contact for a free quote, or for an exploratory conversation with one of our product experts to get an idea of how you want to proceed with your design.