Modern Tech Interior Design

The modern tech industry has surpassed growth expectations for years. The tech/startup industry brings money, jobs, and modernization to each new locale of growth, and it brings a new wave of design inspiration to every city.

From Los Angeles to Silicon Valley, Houston to New York, the business of technology is booming. And over the past decade, that’s meant a massive increase in new building construction, the reimagining of office spaces, and an absolute field day for commercial interior designers across the country. How exactly does one go about outfitting an expansive, highly coveted work environment for a well-regarded tech client?

Why Improve Office Design

It’s common to think the classic techie is somewhat of an analytical, right-brained type. However, you may be surprised to find out how well modern techies can identify great interior design versus a poorly designed workspace.  After all, they’re used to enjoying the fruits of the industry, which undoubtedly have trickled down into everything from their business trips to their comfortable, stylish coworking spaces.

Creating a working environment for these tech brains to create, play, and work within is crucial to their success – both as individuals and as team members. Not only does great interior design help aid their ability to work, but it is also a symbol of the industry’s success, worth, and prestige. With top clients and brands visiting the office often, it’s important to have a well-considered space to host meetings and showcase work in, among other practicalities. And let’s face it: there’s also simply a bit of indulgence present in the industry. Not a bad thing!

A great Texas office conference room

Interior Design Must-Haves

Being the interior experts we are at Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, we have the answers you are looking for. (We know, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help!) Below is our must-have interior check-list we hope provides you with enough inspiration to get started designing for your new tech clients in the years to come!

First Things First: Start With Square Footage.

As a designer, you need to be able to understand how much room and space you’re working with. Knowing your limitations and how much available space you get to fill is a crucial first step when setting out to design a new work environment. This blank canvas is the “skeleton” of your new project that allows you to conceptualize the floor plan before you move on to furniture, desk configurations, and decor. Measure, photograph, and model the space before doing anything else. Creating a map of your intended layout is key!

Next: Begin the Modernization – but make it art.

Our suggestion? Start with the framework before adding in the artful accouterment. This would be everything from wall finish, to doors, office walls, and dividers to material choices. For example, by selecting ultra-modern, well-made sliding glass doors, and office wall partitions, the entire space becomes instantly more functional, updated and contemporized from the start. Instead of continuing with bland office doors, elevate the surrounding space with modern glass pocket doors, and other sliding glass doors that offer both easy and stylish aesthetic. You can decide to go with completely transparent glass, highly opaque for more privacy, and everything in between.

Fill it With Furniture!

Trust us, your clients will appreciate a well-considered furniture selection that offers both comfort and creativity. Even in offices, furniture can be a defining characteristic of the space. Especially when designing a coworking environment, you’ll want to provide thoughtful communal spaces for employees to relax in and bounce ideas back and forth within a comfortable, neutral space. Consider designing multiple seating areas amongst the office with plenty of coffee tables and accent chairs for team members to use during the workday. Create little privacy hubs by installing wall dividers and glass wall partitions to block off visibility from lounge to lounge. These artful spaces are also great to use for casual client meetings!

Next, provide the space with thoughtful juxtapositions. By mixing soft and sleek materials like shearling chairs and velvet couches with raw, earthy opposites like wood and metal you’re able to create interest and intrigue. The combination of indoor/outdoor space is a new must-have in today’s busy and populated world- especially for techies! Provide some much-needed greenery into the office to soothe and freshen the space. Pick houseplants that do well indoors and don’t require much maintenance!

modern living setting with sliding glass doors

So, there you have it. Our top design tips and tactics can be used as inspiration to help aid your new tech project from the start! Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online for your up and coming commercial needs including glass office dividers, privacy walls, and sliding room dividers. View our online catalog, Get a quote from one of our professionals today, and order the perfect office partitions and sliding doors you need to ensure safety for all online at


Office Scenarios and Solutions

As we emerge from the last two years in a strong and exciting return to work, more factors than ever are impacting your business. 

You might already be used to working in your office again, or maybe you are just beginning to bring employees back together. More and more of the large tech and top companies are announcing their return to work strategies. 

No matter where you find yourself, you might be making changes to your workspace. We’ve heard it all – from clients that are utilizing flex desk space to those trying to create new shared conference room and communal space layouts

Space Plus is excited to tell you there are a few things that you won’t have to worry about if you choose to work with us:


If you order now, you secure your pricing. We will lock in the contract at the date of signature with pricing agreed to at that point. In an uncertain world, some things are skyrocketing and resources are diminishing. We have the aluminum inventory we need to support you in a remodel, new construction or any type of project. 

glass sliding door in an office setting


While there are lags that affect many still standing at our ports, our turnaround time remains at the top of the industry. If we know your lead time, timeline and plan now, we can be sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way. We work closely with our partners in all steps of the process to be sure your needs are met. 

End-to-End Fulfillment

We control the processes from beginning to end including all protocols at the factory to ensure consistent output. This way, you get factory direct pricing, without extra fees for a middle man. We test our products more than 10,000 times before launch. That level of quality is unmatched and relates to why we have so many happy and repeat clients.

glass sliding door separating a dining and living space

Custom Options

You don’t have to go with whatever is in stock at a box store just to get your project done. The variety of glass opacities and frame finishes offer an almost limitless selection to go with any décor and functionality. Our design team, as well as our CAD and graphics teams, can help your wildest dreams come true. Most companies sell what they have in stock. Our products are made to order, custom-tailored to you. We make each order to your taste and preference, designed to your needs.

Glass sliding room dividers creating offices

Quality and Standards

We are committed to being an eco-friendly company. Our Executive team’s goal is to ensure that we have zero waste upon installation, maintain a factory without the use of any hazardous materials and adhere to the highest standards possible. Our products lend themselves to up to 14 LEED points, including the use of natural light, and the materials used to maintain their shape over time.

Space Plus: A Brand You Can Trust

Every aspect of our business is built to earn your trust. Whether we are designing for your office or your business, we want to make you feel comfortable and secure with your decision to choose Space Plus. We achieve this through our best-in-class products, and by providing you with top-notch customer service company-wide, from our sales department to our expert engineering team. Reach out now to kickoff your project. 


Interior Glass Doors for Designer Office Entrances

Our U-Levers help you meet ADA Requirements for office fronts. The U-Lever is an option for use on interior glass swing doors. The latch and deadbolt will retract when the lever is operated in a downward motion from the inside (thumb turn side).

These levers comply with the California Referenced Standards Code (CRSC 12-10-202) which requires the lever to be curved with a return to within half an inch (1/2”) of the door to prevent catching on the clothing of persons during egress. The curve also prevents a fire hose from catching behind the lever handle in case of an emergency.

Egress means: The action of a person leaving a place. Departure, Exit, Withdrawal, Retreat, Exodus, Escape.

Locks and Handles for Interior Glass Doors that meet ADA Requirements

We have a selection of locks, latches and handles that all comply with ADA while being functional, safe and durable.

A glass office front with a swing door can be keyed individually, keyed alike to match other office entrances or even master-keyed to the building lock. Our U-lever handle is the perfect compliment.

This keeps it simple for your IT Manager, Cleaning Crew and Property Manager to enter using one master key rather than having tons of keys on his/her keyring.

The U-lever must be used with Swing Doors with 3” aluminum frames. Your choice of glass and frame finish will give your office a modern & flexible solution that provides a lot of natural light!

ADA Compliant Door Benefits

Choosing the U-lever will help with ADA compliancy & finish off your design with style. This is why commercial space planners choose the U-lever when designing office entrances.

The U-lever comes with installation hardware, spacers, Key cylinder, Thumb-turn, Canopy, Face plate, strike plate & keys!

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Whether your office space requires modern suspended doors with no bottom track, or a stylish swing door with the U-Lever, we offer modern glass doors of all styles that add functionality and elegance to your office’s entrance.

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