Solutions for Social Distancing During early Stages of Re-openings

Restaurant Industry Greatly Affected by COVID 19.

While expected, it appears as though most Americans are still grappling with digesting the new normal, being that many public establishments, restaurants included, are beginning to open their doors at alarming rates. Beaches, parks and other recreational, or “non-essential” businesses are also slowly reopening to the public. Though most are uncertain whether this is a wise gamble, others are overjoyed with the recent developments. Over the course of the last two and a half months, the food and beverage industry (including restaurants) has seen an unprecedented rollercoaster of highs and lows, of prejudices and judgments, of swift evolutions and unfortunate pitfalls and foreclosures. Of course, there is really no telling at this point, how successfully the industry will be able to regain its footing and return to “business as usual”. Likely, things won’t look or feel the same for months, perhaps even years. Though,  if there is one certainty, it is that during the coming weeks and months, health, safety, and comfort will be taken more seriously than ever before. As a restaurant owner, it will become imperative to not only provide a safe and sanitized setting for your valued patrons, but your future success will hinge on your ability to convince the public that your establishment has taken serious measures to safeguard your visitors. There are a number of ways that you can ensure a clean, healthy restaurant coming out of this pandemic, so perhaps the ideal restaurant is one which utilizes all of the solutions simultaneously. Below are the top health and safety solutions to implement coming out of COVID 19.


Limit Your Available Capacity

Many restaurants are choosing to reopen as safely as possible, to guard both their working staff, as well as their customers. One sure way to reduce the risk of person-to-person spreading, is to significantly reduce the number of available seats in the restaurant. Additionally, outside seating is encouraged, as fresh air is said to help reduce the risk of air transmission from those in close proximity to one another. By halving your normal capacity, you can effectively create distance and space between your patrons, allowing them the peace of mind of a non-crowded atmosphere, while ensuring a no-contact dining experience.

Indoor Social Distancing

Similar to limiting the establishment’s overall capacity, the main idea is to encourage indoor social distancing within public spaces that are normally overflowing with people. In regards to reopened businesses and restaurants alike, it will be very important to discern which tables should be seated depending on how much space they allow from the next occupied table. People want to know that they can remain a safe six feet apart, so it is the restaurant’s responsibility to grant that. The host or hostess must be aware of the current circumstances, the social distancing recommendations, and be able to plan accordingly when seating guests. 

Wall Partitions and Room Dividers

Another solution that businesses, educational institutions, and restaurants are starting to utilize, are wall partitions and room dividers. Easy to install partitions can effectively create additional spatial separation and enhanced safety within indoor environments. No restaurant wants to see their customers feeling uncomfortable or worried about their health while out for their much anticipated, long awaited dining experience. As the owner of a food establishment, make use of the available spatial solutions and integrate easy to clean glass room dividers or breezy sliding room partitions throughout your business to create enhanced separation from table to table, or to limit the restaurants available seating. Some restaurants are now even using glass wall dividers to create see-through waiting zones where customers can wait to be seated in a safe, risk-free enclosure, apart from foot traffic and potential contact. Glass walls are not only antimicrobial, but they are also exceptionally easy to clean and disinfect within seconds. Additionally, glass walls are resistant to damage and water, and conveniently offered in a wide range of glass opacities, from completely opaque, to see-through transparent. They require no construction, and take less than 24 hours to be installed by our team of professional installers.

Continue Encouraging Customers to Take Out

Without a doubt, the surest way to continue providing a safe dining experience for your patrons, is to continue encouraging take-away food, deliveries, and made-to-order items that passersby can easily walk home with. By reducing the number of people dining inside the restaurant, you can maintain maximum health and safety for everyone involved.

Spatial separation will be the most crucial element through this reintegration process to safeguard patrons, restaurant staff, and delivery workers against this deadly virus. Ensure your establishment is as safe as possible for everyone involved! Stop the spread of COVID 19 by integrating glass wall partitions and increased patient separation. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.


Why Glass Partitions Will Become Necessary Coming Out of COVID 19

Within the coming months, we will start to see businesses, schools and other establishments opening back up to the public. The way in which our American establishments chose to guard themselves against the potential of spreading Coronavirus will depend on what systems, spatial solutions and safety equipment is available. As a business owner or superintendent of a school or college, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your customers and students within your facilities. One effective social distancing solution in public places, is to implement glass walls and glass wall partitions to create safe spaces and physical distancing in otherwise communal areas. While other available spatial partitions remain on the market, it is important to understand the benefits of glass as compared with other alternative materials. Below are a few examples of where glass wall partitions can be used, the benefits these partitions, room dividers and wellness “pods” provide, and helpful inspiration for your establishment moving forward.

Partitions can and should be introduced to create:

  • safe classrooms
  • healthy locker rooms/ school gyms
  • more productive workspaces
  • dynamic common areas
  • healthier clinics / partitioned nurses offices
  • quiet zones (study areas)

Where Wellness Walls and Glass Wall Partitions Can Be Implemented

Nurses Office: Protecting student and healthcare staff, Wellness Walls are easy to be installed into any nurse’s office or health center on campus. Wellness pods are even smaller, single-person waiting rooms with clear glass doors for visibility so healthcare workers can easily monitor patients/students inside. Separating the sick from those who are well will help stop the spread of invisible viruses and illnesses.

In The Classroom: By creating enhanced spatial separation throughout the classroom, students can remain safer during instruction with less physical integration. Quiet corners/study zones are helpful for students that need extra time to complete tasks, or make up tests.

Locker Rooms: Protect students from potential peer-to-peer exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses by installing glass wall partitions and room dividers throughout locker rooms and exercise facilities. Our glass walls come in a variety of customizable options, that range in glass opacity, size, configuration and accessories. For private spaces such as locker rooms, our opaque glass options would work great, providing enhanced privacy for students.

School & Public Libraries: Education should and can be a productive, safe, and well-enjoyed experience for all. While many are fearful of returning to public learning facilities such as libraries, you can ensure the safety of any and all visitors by implementing the necessary devices to provide a risk-free public environment. Custom-made glass room dividers and office partitions create a wonderful spatial barrier for study corners, checking out/purchasing lines, and perusing zones. These environments dampen airborne disease transmission and empower educators and workers to perform at their best, because risk-free means stress-free.

Enhanced Cleanliness

Our glass walls are super easy to clean, are resistant to damage and water, and conveniently offered in a wide range of glass opacities, from completely opaque, to see-through transparent. They require no construction, and take less than 24 hours to be installed by our team of professional installers.

Our glass room dividers and Wellness Walls are much longer-lasting than alternative materials like acrylic or wood, and can be easily cleaned and disinfected within seconds. While acrylic materials are porous and allow for bacteria to set in, glass is antimicrobial, which is why most wellness facilities and hospitals choose glass over any other material for walls and partitions. Due to the tempered design, our glass walls can be sterilized very easily while holding up in highly trafficked enhanced usage environments.

To achieve an enhanced safety standard, and to create a well-functioning environment for your students, employees and instructors, consider installing wellness walls and glass wall partitions into your establishment. Spatial separation is the most crucial element in this process to safeguard everyone against this deadly virus. Make your facility as safe as possible to effectively stop the spread of COVID 19 by integrating glass wall partitions and increased person-to-person separation. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.