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How Space Plus Meets Sustainable Design Challenges Head On

“Sustainable design” is a term you may have heard in a few business meetings, but what is it, really? In sustainable design, the present and future needs of humans and the planet are considered by making sure that structures, and the physical objects and services used to build them, are socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable.

Here’s Why Sustainable Design Matters

Sustainable design directly affects your bottom line. Before customers do business with you, they’ll want to know how your products are made, where you stand on environmental issues, and how your company supports that stance. Answering these questions before they’re even asked is absolutely critical.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program, or LEED, rates buildings according to their impact on the environment and rewards points to those responsible for designing and building these structures. Businesses which incorporate green building in their plans can also earn points to bring them closer to getting fully certified.

The structures used to divide your space, such as office cubicles and meeting room walls, can benefit greatly from sustainable design. By replacing these with sliding glass doors, room dividers, and privacy walls, your space can earn points, both with the LEED program and your employees and customers.

Why Is Glass So Great?

Interior Glass Room Dividers for Co-Working BusinessesInstalling glass office partitions, doors, and walls in your business means a multitude of benefits. Glass is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t emit any gases. It also doesn’t require painting, nor do they require any harsh cleaning products, which can lead to indoor pollution. Wood and other materials can be a breeding ground for mold because they absorb moisture; not so with glass or the aluminum used to frame it.

Because glass doors and movable walls can slide and don’t reach the ceiling, heated and cooled air can flow freely throughout a space, resulting in higher energy efficiency. Glass also allows natural light through, which offers far more cost and health benefits than artificial illumination. As well, the transparency of glass helps employees to feel less isolated, boosting morale, fostering teamwork, and improving productivity overall.

Consider Your Design Challenges Met

Getting maximum flexibility in your office design is no problem with glass partitions to allow you to keep spaces open, closed, or permanently stationary. Sliding wall doors offer an incredibly stylish look while they save square footage. A suspended system allows for maximum functionality and complete control without the barrier of a bottom track. The best part? All of these glass solutions are completely customizable by the one who knows your business best: you.

Space Plus Will Bring Your Dreams to Life

Space Plus’s customized, top-quality interior glass doors will transform your space; just visit one of our 26 showrooms in the USA and abroad to see them in action. When you’re ready to start, simply claim your free consultation. Learn about your many options for partition walls for offices and discover how easy and accurate our estimating process is. Our factory-to-field service can bring incredible value to your business. Get ready to have your expectations exceeded: call 1-888-869-1850 today.

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