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How to Design Coworking Spaces in Educational Institutions

Designing a classroom is not like designing corporate office space. Unlike traditional office spaces, schools have specific requirements a designer must meet in order to aid and inspire student learning.

A student space should be laid out so it fosters cooperation and creativity. Focus on making it welcoming and allow extra lighting and plant life to foster socialization and encourage communication. Lighting is especially important since it can affect student productivity.

A designer can draw inspiration from other student study areas when constructing their own student coworking space. No matter where you get your inspiration, though, make sure your layout follows the items in the new classroom design checklist shown in the infographic.

If you are designing a student work area, the needs of the students are paramount. It should be well lit, foster collaboration, and provide privacy while still encouraging communication between students. To learn more about how to maximize student workspace potential, continue reading the infographic below.

Coworking Spaces for Educational Institute Infographic

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