Office Environments, Layouts, Standards and Guidelines

As a contractor or architect, it’s up to you to design a space for your clients that is well suited to the client’s needs and improves the quality of their experience existing in the space. Getting contracted to design office spaces is not always easy, especially today with a rapidly evolving definition of what an office environment could be. Nowadays, most new offices are multidimensional and act as a home away from home- with kitchens, games, and lounge areas that simulate the essence of a living room.

These workspaces are meant to cater to the worker’s needs, boost morale, enhance production, and increase continuity and communication amongst coworkers or “team members”. By designing a thoughtful and considered layout, and installing the right framework, you’ll be able to craft an innovative working environment that your client and their employees will love. Below, we’ve outlined some things to keep in mind during the design process. Much needed rooms, spatial separation, and exciting elements to employ may help inspire your blueprints.

Office Open Floor Plans

Today, open floor plans have become the new staple or standard in office design. More and more companies are recognizing that allowing their employees to freely communicate, work together and experience closeness actually increases productivity and team morale. Open floor plans also increase visibility, natural light, and breathability throughout the office environment. By starting off your design with an open plan, you make room for a lot of inventive spatial solutions and targeted rooms that will add intrigue and excitement to the space.

bright workplace with many glass divided rooms

Office Phone Booths/Call Rooms

A good way to allow for some spatial separation and privacy is to introduce phone booths or “tiny rooms” into the open swath of expansive office space. While these glass barriers are not specifically soundproof, they do provide a spatial barrier that lessens noise and provides increased privacy. This way, when a team member has a long call (or a loud voice) they can quickly step into these quiet spaces and not feel guilty about distracting nearby workers. A new poll by Udemy and Toluna showed that 80% of workers admit to being sonically distracted while at work.

 “Office noise is the second most cited workplace disturbance, with seven out of ten respondents citing noise as a top bother in their day-to-day workflow” (

Outside influences on employees’ working environment take a toll on productivity and cause employees a cumbersome mental reset every few minutes. A great solution to introduce with these call booths is to install sliding door room dividers for the call booth so as to save space in an already tiny enclosure, while creating a stylish design that increases the office aesthetic. Our solutions divide the space, curtail foot traffic and provide visual privacy.


Bonus Yoga / Stretching / Meditation Room

A new trend amongst trendy office spaces is offering a yoga or meditation room. People become seriously fatigued while sitting for too long a time in uncomfortable office chairs day in and day out. Not only is a desk job physically grueling on a person’s body, but it also takes a mental toll. By designing workers space for some healthy breaks to stretch, breathe, recenter and improve their physical health, you effectively boost productivity, increase mental capacity and increase contentment amongst a workforce. Consider installing sliding glass barn doors for this room – it will enhance the overall look of the room and offer an artistic flourish your client will love. What’s more, you can choose from six different glass opacities to best suit your client’s needs. For the yoga room, perhaps a more opaque glass finish would be the ideal choice, so workers can stretch and meditate while enjoying a bit of privacy. 

conference room with sliding glass door wall, some panels opaque

Think Tank / Conference Room

While open floor plans are a great way to achieve integration, cohesion, and an overall team mentality, any office environment should come equipped with a full-size conference room for important/private meetings and presentations. Some like to think of these rooms as productive think tanks. Not providing one would be a big detriment to any business. People need to be able to gather around a table, bounce ideas off each other, check-in on progress, etc. To engineer a stylistic balance of privacy with visibility, use glass sliding door room dividers to integrate a conference room amongst the rest of the open floor plan. This way, you’ll provide a “separate yet together” feel that your clients will thoroughly enjoy.

Private Offices

Of course, you’ll want to design your office space with at least one to three private offices to provide distinction for the company CEO, manager or owner from the general workforce. By using floor-to-ceiling glass wall partitions and interior sliding doors, you’ll provide enough spatial separation and privacy while assimilating the rooms into the vast open space. An office with four solid walls on each side doesn’t exactly say “teamwork” the way it should. Rather, it segregates the people below and can make employees feel detached from their bosses or those higher up than them. As the designer, take it upon yourself to create a positive, integrative working environment that will improve the working conditions of employees and drive the business in the right direction.

Our glass and aluminum partitions are recyclable and perfect for green construction projects. They also assist architects with earning LEED points which is another selling point when contracting clients. Taking into consideration general layout, office partitions, the use of glass, and introducing inventive spaces, you’ll successfully craft a product that your clients will celebrate each day they come into work. An office should be a productive home away from home. Consult the experts in space optimization and check out Space Plus, a division of the Sliding Door Company.

Have a look at our products gallery for inspiration and product images. Schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable professionals to get a free quote and other information on our many available solutions. Simply find a location near you and ensure your office design a success!


Building With Confidence

As a contractor, you’re entrusted with the responsibility of creating functionally aesthetic living environments while ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients. This can be a difficult medium to reach while staying on budget and meeting timeline expectations. The trick is to have all pieces to the building puzzle working harmoniously together, including your building team and the wholesalers selling your materials.

The quality of materials you source can be the difference between a successful build and a nightmare project. Working with companies that manufacture solid, reliable products and materials is the best way to ensure a great outcome.

The Building Blocks

Wood, Stone, Brick, Steel, and Cement are any builder’s best friend. But these fine material choices also come with a fair bit of sourcing discretion and a willingness to dig. Not just literally. Anytime you source these precious materials, it’s your duty as a contractor to take a deep dive into the harvesting practices, refinery methods, and treatment by your wholesalers to ensure long-lasting materials that aren’t so impactful on the planet. With the right tools, you can build with confidence and thoroughly impress your clients.

Ready to Refine

Space Plus, A Division of The Sliding Door Company, makes the sturdiest spatial solutions around, including sliding pocket doors, glass barn doors, and floor-to-ceiling wall partitions. What sets this company apart from others is its variety of glass including 5mm tempered glass, 7mm laminated glass, or 10mm frameless glass- which is great for industrial use as well as residential properties. Never worry about failing products or breakable glass again when you work with SpacePlus. Another perk? Their team of installers will come transform a room with the doors being installed in less than a day! Slashing building time while enjoying the expertise of hardworking installers is one big bonus you can’t afford to pass up.

Furnishings to Finish

Whether your new project was built on spec or commissioned by an excited client, interiors are one area you can’t overlook. All the hard work spent constructing the exterior will be lost in translation if the interiors don’t dazzle and inspire. Sourcing high-quality, built-to-last furnishings is key when outfitting your new project. So pass on the plastic! Here are some of our favorite materials that stand the test of time (and look incredible):

  • Ethical Leather
  • Organic Wool
  • Velvet
  • Wood/Metal framing
  • Hemp and Bamboo
  • Organic Cotton
  • Cork
  • Glass

At Space Plus, we’ve got you covered. With recyclable and environmentally friendly, LEED points, and a variety of glass options, Space Plus offers the sturdiest spatial solutions on the market. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online for your up and coming commercial needs including glass office dividers and other sliding room dividers. View our online catalog, Get a quote from one of our professionals today, and order the perfect office partitions and sliding doors you need to ensure safety for all online at

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Arming Your Office With the Holiday Essentials

Can you believe it’s already the first week of December? Neither can we. And though this holiday season might look, feel, and be unrecognizable compared to past years, most of us are still making do with the circumstances. Truth be told, most of us could use a little festive cheer and some healthy holiday distractions after the year we’ve all had.


And while many businesses and restaurants have had to temporarily close their doors for the next couple of weeks due to the pandemic, there are still millions of in-person offices operating across the country. So how can you spread some joy, stay safe, and enjoy the last moments of 2020 from your place of work? As an office manager or the owner of a business, it’s time to make your interiors shine with the holiday essentials. Here are a few ideas to pull from as you begin to reimagine your workplace this December.


Deck the Halls

One of the best traditions of the winter holiday season is decorating spaces with all the fun and cheerful accouterment to choose from. It’s hard to be a Scrooge when there’s so much fun everywhere you look! Work with a few coworkers, do it yourself or hire a team of Interior decorators who know they’re doing to create that perfect holiday pizzazz with all the festive decor of the season. Maybe even invest some time picking out a dazzling Christmas tree, a beautiful menorah, or create a fun homage to the winter solstice! String lights up around common areas and put out little candies or treats at the reception. It may seem silly, but all of these little gestures do go a long way during the work week!


The gift of Personal Space

Another interior upgrade you can offer for your hardworking staff is the gift of more personal space! Seriously, physical separation from others these days is a hot commodity and something that not every worker has the good fortune of having. Enjoying some healthy personal space during the workday offers the sanctuary needed for an all-around productive day. Cubicles or other such standing wall partitions offer less visible distractions, quieter surrounding noises and fewer possibilities for run-ins with that chatty co-worker. All of these little hindrances to our workday can cause a lot of agony for workers who already struggle with focus. And now with the real danger of contracting Coronavirus at work, employees appreciate physical barriers more than ever. So whether your workplace has an open floor plan, or already uses cubicles, we have the perfect new year upgrade for your office space! Free-standing glass wall partitions from The Sliding Door Company can be installed within a matter of hours, require no construction to the building, and offer invaluable flexibility. These glass office dividers come in a wide range of glass opacities, configurations, and sizes. You can also choose the perfect handles, locks, and accessories so that your sliding wall partitions integrate flawlessly into your floor plan! Your team members will absolutely love these office upgrades and will enjoy enhanced focus and peace during their busy day. What’s more, a new line of Qubi Glass dividers can be installed as a freestanding wall partition, or as an added glass “wrap” on top of preexisting dividers. When added as a wrap, it makes cleaning, disinfecting, and preserving your office dividers a total breeze!


Take your office environs up a notch with these exciting ideas and inspire your hardworking team through your newly updated office interiors. Holiday cheer is so infectious! Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for your valued employees and one of a kind coworkers. For more ideas, inspiration, and related blogs, head over to Space Plus, a Division of The Sliding Door Company for all the best in commercial space-saving solutions! From Bi-Fold Doors to swing doors, wall dividers to suspended systems, Space Plus has it all! Schedule a free consultation with one of our showroom professionals and order your very own custom Qubi Glass partitions today!


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The Science of Plants: Why Integrating These Leafy Greens into Our Interiors Could Change Lives

In the past couple of years, there has been a trending resurgence within the interior design world to bring plants and other natural elements indoors in order to create a sanctuary within living spaces. As humans, we sometimes fail to recognize how impactful the natural world has on our daily lives. Neglecting this very basic human need can result in disharmony from being so disconnected from nature. We truly need a healthy dose of greenery each day in order to feel wholesome, renewed, and healthy.

Now more so than ever, the need for plants, trees, and other natural elements in our living spaces has become invaluable for our collective well being during a worldwide health crisis. With an unprecedented amount of time spent indoors this year, we must recognize the need for nature indoors, and begin to design our interiors with this in mind. Not just in our personal homes, but also in our places of work, hospitals, medical centers, and educational institutions. By integrating the outside indoors, we can provide health sanctuaries for our clients, customers, and patients and help everyone remain as healthy as possible.

So why plants?

Many of the invaluable health effects of plants and the environmental benefits of these leafy greens are lost on the general population. Most of us are not educated on the importance of plants and what they provide for our planet, what they do for our indoor and outdoor air quality, and their ability to enhance human moods. Countless studies have shown that the integration of indoor plants into an interior space has improved the indoor air quality and become a natural system of filtration that keeps everyone breathing healthy air and getting the oxygen we need.

“Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. To create your perfect green haven, it’s worthwhile spending a little bit of time researching the plants that are best suited for each room and what kind of environment.” -Sophie Lee, NBC News

In addition to the elemental benefits that plants provide, they also have shown to be mood-enhancers and concentration boosters through scientific studies. Whether our human needs show that we truly feel happier and more comfortable in an environment that mimics the outdoors, or if there is actually some chemical benefit that increases our serotonin, the emotional effects on our health are unquestionable.

Plants in Our Interiors

Where are plants best used?

Of course, it’s wonderful to surround yourself with plants in your own home, but even better is integrating these beautiful beings into otherwise sterile environments that could be elevated to enhance the occupant’s experience. Hospitals are one of the best places that we should begin to integrate more plants and greenery into. The invaluable asset of good interior design on one’s ability to heal and recover is huge. Not only do plants freshen the air, but they also create harmony within an indoor environment that is otherwise devoid of life. Artificial lighting, little visibility to the outdoors, and in general, a meek surrounding can oftentimes lead to patients’ dissatisfaction, length recovery times, and general sadness while in medical facilities.

“Not only do plants enhance oxygen levels but some studies indicate a plant nearby can lower blood pressure, reduce the need for painkillers, and enhance the overall mood of a patient. Incorporating indoor and outdoor viewing gardens into hospital plans has been undertaken for several years now, and the evidence is clear regarding healing plants and their uses.” -Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist, Gardening Know-How

How can plants thrive indoors?

Most interior house plants are not exactly designed to survive in completely dark, shaded indoor environments. Indoor plants still need plenty of secondhand indoor light, which is easily provided through light-allowing windows and full-sized Glass Wall Partitions, for example. If you have a medical facility and would like to begin integrating more greenery into your interiors, you also must take into account the available light you’re working with. Installing easy to clean, medical-grade Sliding Glass Wall Partitions and floor to sliding glass room dividers will help to bring in tons of natural light that will excite not only the plants but also your patients.

By providing a more health-centered medical facility complete with beautiful greenery and increased natural light, you can improve the quality of life and health for your patients and staff. Make your wellness facility as safe as possible for everyone involved. With full hospitals and medical facilities due to COVID 19, ensure your facility a safe place by integrating glass room dividers and glass partitions. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.

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Why Working from Home Has Become So Strenuous

Working from home has become an integral tool and an invaluable ally in the race to flatten the curve of the current global pandemic. We were sent home, told to make do with our living circumstances, and only allowed visual communication through video chats and zoom meetings. Regardless of the obvious necessity of working from home has become in fighting the good fight against COVID 19, it hasn’t been easy. Well, perhaps for some it’s been a welcomed break from reality. But for most of us who don’t have an adequate home office, WFH mandates have been nothing short of taxing- on our mental health, our physical well being, our productivity and, well, our social life.

So, why has it been so difficult? When these hurdles present themselves, we’re often so struck by the process of change and steeling ourselves amongst the rough waters that we may not always consciously consider the litany of factors contributing to our mental dismantlement. Yes, we gave up the tiresome commute. Yes, we reduced our carbon footprints significantly. Yes, we had less work/life drama wearing us down. At first, these were all much welcomed changes, that many of us were overjoyed to work from the comfort of our breakfast nooks with our roommates/family close by. But it wasn’t long until the novelty of the home-quarantine-endless-summer motif wore off, and we began to miss our daily routines, those co-workers that clearly provided us with much more substance than we were perhaps willing to admit in the past, and the very idea of having a life separate from home.

So now, six months into the virus-induced groundhog day, it appears collective opinion is beginning to change. Despite the many real safety concerns, many of us are looking ahead to brighter days when we can once again transition from pajamas into work attire, to see our favorite barista at our local coffee shop before jumping into our car to commute into the city. We’re ready to enjoy the physical separation from our loved ones and regain the pieces of yourselves we had lost during this global pandemic. But before we can begin to envision future days, we need to understand the why behind our collective suffering. Why was working from home so troubling, so exhausting, so physically taxing as compared with a typical workday?

Homes Are Not Designed to Be Productive

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have a real built-in home office, replete with doors, desktop computers, and glass wall partitions, working from home turned out to be a complete disaster. We never had the training or the transition period necessary to acclimate to an unstructured workday, while still aiming to clock full hours and produce great work. The truth is, working on a laptop from your kitchen table or your bed is no replacement for the productivity of a real office surrounded by coworkers, a boss lingering nearby, tangible deadlines, and so on. Despite the concentration hurdles we were faced with, we also had to relearn how to exist in our new ergonomically inadequate set-ups without destroying our bodies in the process. Without help from our standing desks, comfortable working height stations, desktop computers, office chairs, and multiple breaks, many of us were ill-equipped to face an 8-hour workday in a healthy manner.

Office Wall Sliders

“Many of us are finding ourselves hunched over laptops on sofas or beds, perched on hard dining room chairs or subjecting our arms and wrists to ill-placed keyboards. For most of us, gone are the days when well-designed offices took care of all these problems for us.”

-Bryan Lufkin, Worklife 

All of the laptop use, poor lighting, uncomfortable chairs, and laying in bed with our bodies scrunched up has compounded after the many months of home quarantine and has caused us to endure taxing physical pain and aches we never experienced prior to the pandemic. When our physical bodies are disrupted and unhealthy, it begins to take a toll on our mental integrity. Pretty quickly, we were faced with a slew of troubling mental uncertainties as a direct result of the times, which ended up affecting our physical bodies.

And so the cycle continued.

Overcoming this pandemic will take a lot of hard work. More than were collectively providing at the moment. But returning to a sense of normalcy is amongst the top of (almost) everyone’s priorities now.

How Will We Get There?

Your real place of work will have to adopt some serious and potentially uncomfortable safety measures and mandates so you and everyone else can be comfortable (and safe) during an in-office workday. They may have to install hundreds of new sliding glass office dividers and glass office partitions in order to keep everyone safe and provide enhanced spatial distancing. You might have to take a temperature check every day you go into the office. Maybe you’ll be asked to bring in your own set of utensils and a personal coffee cup. But these awkward precautions pale in comparison to the real repercussions of emotional instability, physical discomforts, and worse of all- contracting the virus.

Transition your workplace into a safe, welcoming work environment by integrating new techniques, safety measures, and spatial barriers for everyone to benefit from. Install glass office walls, sliding room dividers, and glass sliding doors to allow for increased separation while still maintaining a community feel. A “separate but together” floor plan will become a crucial element throughout this reintegration process to safeguard everyone in the office moving forward. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online for more spatial inspiration,  to view our online catalog, and to Get a quote from one of our professionals today.

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