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Renovating Your Apartment Building or Multi-Unit Property with Space Plus

Interior design has undergone multiple changes in the last two decades, especially where multi-unit apartment buildings are concerned. Today’s ultra-modern structures not often offer ground floor business space, and allow residents to feel like part of a community by allowing them to connect on many levels. Let’s explore the many ways that incorporating interior glass solutions into your apartment building renovations or designs can benefit current and future tenants and owners.

Flexibility of Space Is a Top Priority

Today’s multi-family building resident wants functional, durable design. The ability to use office or common-area furniture in multiple ways without negative impact on their appearance is key. Also, today’s buildings and their communities are more environmentally-conscious than ever, making sustainable design an absolute must. When a building can provide its residents with the option to transform their space at will, the value of that space increases dramatically.

The Many Benefits of Glass

Small Apartment Studio with Room Enclosed with Interior Sliding Doors

Incorporating glass doors and walls into a building or unit’s design has several benefits. The innovative design of these products allows for an ultra-modern look, as well as complete control over the appearance of the unit’s environment.

Office Space

The office space in an apartment building can be divided with glass walls, doors, and partitions instead of solid materials. This increases the perceived size of the space and allows employees to see one another, which allows for better communication. Both air and light can flow freely through glass, which reduces energy consumption. Movable partitions and walls allow businesses to instantly adjust the size of the space to their needs.

Residential Space

The ability of glass to let in natural light offers a multitude of well-documented health benefits. Glass doors can be used in place of traditional closet, pantry, and bedroom and bathroom doors. Sliding room dividers can also work in residential spaces, offering tenants the option to change the function of a room at will.

Builders and Owners

Those who design or own multi-unit buildings can also benefit from installing sliding glass doors. Much more than a trend, these products have low environmental impact and incredibly high sustainability, both of which can result in added points for builders and owners seeking LEED certification. Certification can also be desirable for would-be residents who are in search of office or residential space in an environmentally conscious building.

Getting Glass for Your Building

There’s no doubt that glass can give tenants maximum control over their environment and getting glass for your building is easy with Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company. Every product we make is completely customized to the specifications of the contractor or building owner. All of our clients are partners in the process; we ensure complete satisfaction at every stage.

Because we own the entire process from manufacture to sale, we are able to offer high-quality, high-value products as well as a wealth of options for glass typesframe finishes, and more. Discover the benefits of our interior glass solutions; claim your free consultation or find a showroom by calling us at 1-888-869-1850.