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How to Achieve the Perfect Workspace Balance with Glass Doors

Privacy vs. Collaboration

The current trend in office environments involves shared and collaborative workspaces. While these can help fuel productivity, there can be drawbacks, especially when privacy is needed. Fortunately, businesses are not stuck choosing either private offices or open workspaces.

Now there is a solution that provides you the perfect balance between the two work environments so everyone can benefit. Your employees can have privacy when they are on an important conference call and still be able to work collaborating alongside their fellow co-workers.

To learn more about the pros and cons and private and collaborative workspaces and how sliding glass partitions, sliding glass doors, and space saving office fronts can give you the flexibility you require, we invite you to read the following infographic.

Afterward, to learn more about our solutions or to request further information please feel free to directly contact us here at Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company.

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