Fall Fun with Interior Projects

For many, it might seem a bit premature to assert that summer is over. Though in places like Colorado that have already experienced snow on the ground, it may be safe to say that we have started the slow descent into the colder months- complete with shorter days, winter holidays, and increased indoor time. The transition from summer to fall isn’t always welcomed, especially in colder states where preparing for winter can be slightly depressive. Yet despite those factors, this transition offers a wonderful opportunity to recollect yourself, start the new season off fresh, and reimagine your interiors with your family. We all can expect to stay inside more in the upcoming months, so updating and freshening up your interior environment with your kids in mind is a great place to start!

The majority of our youth are currently homeschooling, which means less social interaction with their peers, no playground time, and perhaps too much of the day spent indoors on technology. Not only are they missing out on much-needed playtime, fun arts and crafts activities, and vital afterschool sports and extracurriculars, but they also miss out on healthy time away from home where they can grow and be entirely different versions of themselves outside the house. As a parent, it can be hard and frustrating to try to fill his void without the tools available to make the best out of this unfortunate situation. And although it may not fulfill the same quality as a school playground, or time with their best friends, making a special playroom for them will help remedy some of the lost fun and play they’ve become so accustomed to while being in school.

children reading a book in a tent

First Things First

To start making a “kid zone” in your home, you’ll need to pick out a space in your home that offers enough space for them to sprawl. A spare bedroom would be ideal, but if you don’t have the good fortune of an extra bedroom, pick a spot in the living room or in some larger open space in the home to develop as their new play space. Added bonus: this kid zone will also help you focus on your work and offer a small reprieve from the daily chaos!

Ask For Help

After you pick your ideal location, decide what kind of things you want in this new space. Enlist your kids as little helpers to create the ideal sanctuary for each of them. Lead with what gives them joy, and what kinds of fun activities they’re currently into! Perhaps they’re heavily into arts and crafts. Or maybe they flourish in a studious computer/tech/gaming environment. And likely, if you have more than one child, you’ll have to share the space between all of your children. Make this space work for them and divide it up into special zones where they can each have their own fun activity corner. A drawing and painting area for her and a video game zone for him, for example.

Keeping the Peace by Creating the Space

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have spatial dividers. A great way to achieve some physical separation is to install floor to ceiling sliding room dividers or glass wall partitions that you can easily install and takedown. These are a breeze to set up, and also offer invaluable flexibility without the commitment of real walls and major construction. What’s more, you can choose between an array of different glass opacities if you and the kids want some visual privacy rather than a more openly visible play area. You can also choose between a plethora of different handles, locking mechanisms, frames, and accessories to create the perfect aesthetic to suit your home!

sliding interior door to hide television

Once you’ve chosen your ideal glass wall partitions, the fun can begin! Fill the space with all the best things. Arts and crafts supplies, toys, puzzles, board games, hang artwork the kids have made on the walls and pictures of them and their friends to make the space feel like it’s theirs. We can’t underestimate how much this time has taken a toll on all of us. Kids need extra attention and love during these strange and uncertain times so filling their play space with little love notes or personal items will help them feel considered. The best perk of setting up the awesome play please for the kids is knowing that you can enjoy some of your own time while they have their zone to be wild in. Sliding glass doors and wall partitions help create a contained environment that they can clutter and cause messes in rather than overflowing the living room and shared spaces with toys, crafts, and general clutter.

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