Activity Based Commercial Space Design

Interior glass room dividers can help re-purpose space based on what people need to DO during the day!

Activity based planning is the key to effective work space design.

When employees come into work, the first thing they do is check e-mail and voice mail. After they’ve settled down, they might have a meeting. If it’s not confidential, they can have it with others in open space. If it is confidential, they can use a private enclave with a closed door.

Space Saving Glass sliding doors impact commercial space design to improve efficiency and save money

Activity-based planning (ABP) is a business planning strategy that focuses on identifying the types of activity that are needed to produce a desirable level of results.

The aim is to design a work areas for maximum effectiveness and efficiency within any organization.

By putting certain functions that frequently work together in close proximity for example will save walking time from one area to another. Having a comfortable area large enough for a cross functional team to work & innovate together in an place that is accessible for all departments involved saves time and money. Private offices that are needed for confidential functions could also be nearby. Modern glass room dividers make it happen!

A glass wall and a desk; is that all you need?

In some companies, there is a space for the coffee bar, library, cafeteria, research center and different sized client meeting rooms.
People have such varied activities during the day, the space needs to function to support those activities.
There are even some corporations that have build a long wall with small phone booth size enclaves with a small desk, phone, sofa & outlets for the phone or computer & a glass door to see out. These work spaces are very uplifting & give a person the privacy to focus on the task at hand while enjoying the natural light coming in through the glass.

Quality and Sustainability; Interior Glass Room Dividers and Doors provide both

For ages, the major determining factor for purchasing office furniture was the price.
During the past couple of years, although businesses don’t have unlimited budgets for furniture, there is a measurable shift toward quality and comfort in office furniture.
Businesses are looking for environmentally friendly products in addition to ergonomically designed furniture, like chairs with adjustable arm rests and head rests, and standing height desks.
You will note the increasing demand for high-quality furniture as displayed by office furniture made from quality materials like laminated and tempered glass. Stacking room dividers are the solution.

Commercial spaces tend to be quite neutral, and sometimes uninspired.

Sliding doors, glass walls or barn doors allow for an ample amount of natural light to flow right in!

This boosts morale and productivity.

In addition, there is an increasing desire to show some personality through interior design. One way to do this is to add quirky touches, like mismatched floor tiles, serious contrasts with flooring or mixed glass types with stylish divider strips. Unique touches like this can make a courageous statement that clients will remember!

How can Interior Glass Sliding Doors improve the functionality of your space?

Don’t forget about function. After all, this is a workspace we are talking about! You can incorporate functional touches in unexpected places with multi-purpose furniture. You can try desks with adjustable keyboard heights for people who need to stand at times or filing cabinets that contain hidden, slide-out seating! Once you have the components in place, interior glass doors and partitions can optimize your workspace allowing a harmonious flow to garner tranquility and productivity.

Take the environmental impact of your design into consideration. Glass and aluminum doors are perfect for green construction projects and last in their original shape forever. Making attention to environmental impact a priority is respectable. Incorporate this into your design by using glass swing doors, sliders, barn doors and partitions. Everything is recyclable!

Shape Up with Interior Glass Door Designs:

Imagine how different the conversations would go in a company meeting if you had one large open area to create and innovate together as a team…and closed, more private offices for the confidential stuff? Sliding doors save space and can re-purpose an open space in seconds!
The challenge with any large office, especially a 160,000 sq foot space as occupied by Google, is the question of how to keep the space feeling renewed & alive at every corner while offering havens and think spaces away from one’s closed door office.
Offices must inspire and invite employees to do their best! This year, use these trends to incorporate new design elements or even plan out a multi-phased improvement project that can inspire your employees and grow your company the right way.

For more information about how interior glass door solutions influence Activity Based Planning, the fate of the filing room & the impact of optimism from inside a glass conference room, get your free consultation today!