Essentials For Successful Flexible Shops and Stores

In the past decade, there has been a collective move towards providing sanctuaries out of our retail spaces. A grand push to provide aesthetically pleasing and welcoming business fronts is now accepted as the norm. It used to be that the business provided the bare minimum in regard to interior design… there was no emphasis on aesthetic. Now restaurants, spas, financial offices and hair salons all take the visual landscape into careful consideration. When there are thousands of like businesses and shops in constant competition, it’s a no-brainer that you must set your business apart from the rest. And sadly, if you haven’t jumped on board just yet, you could be seriously missing out and unknowingly stunting your business. Whether it be a clothing store inside a mall, art gallery, restaurant, a boutique supply, hair studio, med spa or even a dental office – all of these businesses should appear inviting, creative and offer the appeal of luxury. If your store reflects an appealing design, your customers are more inclined to walk through your open door and enjoy a fully immersive experience.

A recent poll concluded that the three chief considerations customers make when choosing a restaurant are in order as follows:

  1. the atmosphere
  2. the service
  3. the food

This clearly demonstrates the unquestionable significance a business environment has on the customer. The main attraction and most powerful factor when determining where to eat, shop, indulge, relax – in the atmosphere. This means, if you aren’t representing your store or studio by attracting passersby with a stylish interior, then you’ve already lost your patron before they even have the chance to see your quality products.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, offers all of the necessary solutions and products you need to begin drawing in your beloved customers.

Where to start first?

Make sure you consider if your storefront is clearly visible to passersby from the street, across the way, etc. A key way to attracting potential clients is to allow for visibility. This creates intrigue and interest to an unsure prospective buyer. If they can easily see through a window and into your shop, they’re much more likely to enter. Most people shy away from stores when they can’t see what they are getting into. Call it human nature- we fear what we do not know. So why not eliminate the apprehension and provide full transparency?

A great way to ensure visibility is to install glass walls on the street side to attract passersby. By installing an entirely transparent wall, it becomes an obvious statement. “Welcome in, we’re not hiding anything!” Space Plus proudly offers many customizable options for your unique business so that you can utilize the design as effectively as possible. For example, you can choose from a multitude of panel configurations, glass opacities, and frame finishes. The option is also available to have tempered or laminated glass. By providing ample visibility, you set your business apart from others and enjoy another added benefit- utilize free marketing!

glass wall partitions

Now that you’ve attracted customers into your store, it doesn’t stop there. The interior environment of your shop should be carefully considered to provide the most enjoyable experience possible. This will hold their attention and reflect just how much care you put into your business. Providing thoughtful touches such as warm lighting, stylish furniture, indoor plants, art curation, even smells- all of these sensory details add to the overall shopping experience. Another crucial consideration is if enough natural light can enter and flow throughout your store during daytime hours. By choosing to integrate glass wall partitions throughout your shop rather than constricting walls, you allow this natural light to pass through while establishing a more fluid environment. People tend to feel trapped in small, enclosed spaces. It’s important to broaden the space, making your customers feel at ease and free to relax. Another great product to consider introducing into your store is the use of mirrors. Mirrors are excellent at reflecting and spreading existing light, thus lowering your energy costs and providing a much more inspired atmosphere. Consider integrating glass partitions into your floor plan, especially if you own a business such as a hair salon or a med spa. You can choose the mirror option for your glass finish, therefore, utilizing two invaluable materials at once.

Room dividing walls

If you provide a business such as a medical spa or dental office, something to think about is artfully dividing up your floor space to add dimension and usable rooms. By installing interior door room dividers throughout your space, you create necessary spaces for privacy. Room dividing walls are a fantastic solution to breaking up spaces at an agreeable cost, without any major construction or lengthy disruption to your business. If privacy is paramount, opt for frosted glass, or a glass option that has a high opacity. Space Plus allows for your individual customization because we recognize that each business is unique and catered to individually. With a plethora of accessories to choose from, you can install locking door handles, top hanging sliding tracks or bottom tracks, while the 3S Smart Shut System allows for a smooth, soft close. Quality and design are of utmost importance in our factory, ensuring you receive a high caliber product, every time.

With all of these considerations, evaluate your business front with discernment and see how you can update and evolve into one of the leading competitors of your industry. By taking the time to craft a beautiful and inspiring environment, you demonstrate quality and care to your customers.

To get started on your exciting storefront upgrades, check out our products gallery for inspiration and product images. There is a multitude of stylish and helpful products just a click away! Schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable professionals to get a quote and other information on our many available solutions. Simply find a showroom near you and get that much closer to optimizing your business for success!


The Illusion of Space Where You Need it Most

If you’re renting office or restaurant space, you can feel kind of stuck when trying to consider a layout that makes optimal use of the area. For those that need to provide privacy, this can be particularly troubling, especially when an expansion isn’t an option.

Traditional partitions for offices simply aren’t private in the least, and they definitely aren’t a viable option for restaurants. Furthermore, they’re not only blasé and can be somewhat depression-inducing for your teams, but they also make your office look just like every office your potential clients have seen before.

An open floor plan works quite well for clubs, bars, and many restaurants these days. However, if you want to be able to provide an elegant dining experience as well as cater to business functions and private parties, your restaurant simply must provide some separate areas.

The good news though is that there is a single answer for you whether you’re looking for office solutions or need to redesign your diner — glass wall partitions.

glass wall partitions

The Wonders of Light

Unlike traditional office partitions, glass partitions allow light through, above, and around them. This gives you the opportunity to subtly divide the space while making the room feel more open, lighter, and even larger.

For diners looking for a certain level of privacy but that don’t want their view obscured, the perception of a larger space with Glass Partitions can make your restaurant more inviting. Alternatively, companies that utilize glass wall partitions instead of the uninviting cubicle partitions for offices are able to present that professional, up-to-date, state-of-the-art vibe that so many clients are looking for these days.

Using Every Square Inch of Your Square Footage

Solid office wall partitions not only reduce line of sight and make the overall space feel more cluttered, but even their doors also take up valuable real estate. Because glass wall partitions have doors that slide to the side as opposed to swinging outward like traditional office partitions, you have more total square footage available.

This same feature can be a valuable benefit for your restaurant as well in that it provides further assurance of privacy while enhancing the illusion of a bigger space overall. Furthermore, restaurants and even small bakeries that place their kitchen behind glass partitions can make their entire space feel much larger.

office wall partitions

Maximize Your Space with Space Plus

For those wishing to maximize their available space with a modern touch that’ll impress almost everyone, the sleek elegance of glass is definitely the way to go. Unlike traditional office partitions, glass is a timeless and stylish solution to your space restrictions and can completely transform your office or restaurant space. And since they’re available in multiple styles and transparencies, glass wall partitions can provide sophistication and privacy to any area.

Space Plus, A division of The Sliding Door Company, offers a complete line of fully assembled, customizable glass partitions for offices, restaurants, and spaces of all sizes. Our experts have the experience you need in order to maximize your available space with style and sophistication, and we’ll even provide a free consultation or quote.

Don’t settle for drab solutions that every single one of your competitors has opted for.

Don’t lose those private parties and business luncheons simply because you don’t have any separate or private space.

Visit our website to see our complete line of  glass wall partition options, or visit  a showroom near you to get a first-hand look at our office partition solutions in action.