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The Hottest Interior Design Trends for Salons and Spas in 2019

In our increasingly stressful and disruptive world, spas and salons provide much-needed sanctuary for couples and singles, overworked parents, and busy professionals alike.

And it’s a lucrative enterprise. In 2017, spas in the U.S. pulled in $17.5 billion in revenue, while salons took in an impressive $63 billion.

We take a peek at interior design trends for 2019 that put the “wow” and “ahh” factors in spas and salons.

Salon Interior Design Trends

  • Metallics: Metal textures work well with a variety of color palettes and add a touch of playfulness, depending on how they’re used. Choose matte finishes like satin nickel to add sophistication or glossy finishes like polished copper and stainless steel to add glamour.
  • Classic Black and White Palette: Black and white are sophisticated, gender-neutral, and timeless. Complemented by metal fixtures, this color scheme is a safe bet for a renovation that never goes out of style. Harkening back to the swinging 1920s, this art deco-inspired salon features a classic white and black tile floor that draws in the eye and adds depth to the space.
  • Pops of Color: Bursts of color add flair, especially to minimalist décor. Choose neutral colors for walls and flooring and add pops of color to draw in the eye and highlight special salon features. These lipstick red salon chairs by Takara Belmont will make guests feel like a queen (or king).
  • Tech-Friendly Waiting Areas: Technology is impacting every aspect of our lives, and salons and spas are no exception. An app- or computer-based booking system is a must. Clients simply expect to be able to book online today. Equipping your waiting area with WiFi internet access and adding charging stations throughout the space are other ways to keep clients content.

Spa Interior Design Trends

glass wall slides in a hair salon

  • Hammams: Nostalgia for old ways of healing—especially in our turbulent times—is making a comeback. Hammams, public baths inspired by Roman and Turkish traditions, are reviving socialization as part of the bathing ritual. Today, community baths are combined with contemporary spa services, like hydrotherapy and skin exfoliation treatments.
  • Cold Plunge Pools: These small, Jacuzzi-sized pools are increasingly popular in spas today. With chilled water around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, cold plunge pools are refreshing after a sweat-inducing steam or sauna. The alternating hot/cold temperatures boost heart rate, aid circulation, and stimulate the body and mind.
  • Water Features: Few things are as soothing as the sound of trickling water. Spas today are incorporating water features like fountains and waterfalls into every nook and cranny of the facility—from restrooms to massage rooms.

Space Plus: Helping Spas and Salons Expand Client Experience

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