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Rethinking Classroom Sliding Doors: The Wave of the Future

Thanks to plenty of research, we now know that the environments we spend our time in can and do affect our thoughts and feelings. When focus was placed on the effect of the school environment on students, however, it was discovered that the learning ability of children can be directly impacted when glass room dividers were in place instead of traditional walls and doors.

Light, Learning, and Health

Light has some interesting effects on the human body. For instance, just a few minutes of full sun exposure on the skin can produce enough Vitamin D to meet the body’s daily requirements and, when this blue light enters the eyes, a direct connection to the brain is made.

When this happens, an inner switch is activated that controls cognitive performance, releases hormones to influence our level of alertness, and boosts the ability to learn. One study found that students were less likely to miss school due to illness and had better dental health when exposed to natural light.

Daylighting Design for the Benefit of Students and Staff

Daylighting design includes the allowance of natural light or where a school is renovated to provide more natural light than before. Not only is this type of design good for students but also benefits staff, as well as adds more function when movable walls are installed.

However, in order to ensure complete effectiveness, the following need to be in place:

  • The daylighting plan must offer better light than electrical illumination.
  • Uncontrolled and direct sunlight must be eliminated.
  • Rely on windows to add light.
  • The plan should be implemented in high-use areas.

When natural light takes the place of electricity, fewer dollars are spent on utilities. Windows that allow direct sunlight to enter classrooms and staff rooms will often be blocked by blinds. Instead, installing glass can allow for natural light to be diffused while allowing it to enter the room.

More Ways to Use Rooms

By installing a glass privacy wall, any classroom, staff room, or cafeteria can be transformed into a multi-functional space with one slider. For example, a staff room can be divided in half to allow space for breaks and a separate area for meetings. Cafeteria space can be split to allow for students on one side and staff on the other. A school wanting to generate more revenue opportunities can install sliding room dividers in the gym area, and then offer those spaces to rent for special functions.

Customized Interior Solutions for Every School

There’s nothing like the clean and modern look of glass. Space Plus has installed glass doors, walls and other divider solutions for hundreds of educational facilities and because we own the entire process, we ensure your input at every stage of manufacture. Our wide range of latches, locks, frame finishes, and glass types gives you the ultimate in choice and functionality. Glass can bring many benefits to your school’s design; discover them now by claiming your free consultation: 1-888-869-1850.