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Los Angeles To Gear Up For ‘The Worst Week’

Increased Isolation Mandates, Closure of All County Parks and Beaches, Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Docks in LA Port

With a recent update from the LA Times, news has spread of a large Navy hospital ship docking in the Los Angeles port to receive medical patients who are in need of urgent care and are suffering from medical issues unrelated to the Coronavirus. This strategy intends to safeguard patients against contracting the deadly disease while in overcrowded hospitals throughout the city. This will also hopefully help alleviate some pressure that has been put on hospitals throughout southern California and the greater Los Angeles area and may provide a bit of relief the city has been hoping for.

These efforts were a direct response from California’s local and state governments as a preemptive measure, as the situation in New York lends example of what a worst-case scenario could look like. Aiming to prepare the city for another wave of patients who are critically ill and struggling to breathe, officials scramble to set up the medical vessel to mitigate the coming impacts these new patients will have on an already overtaxed system. This last Saturday the number of patients in Los Angeles intensive care doubled overnight, which threw public health and safety officials and local governments into a frenzied state of decision making. Trying to find solutions quickly and affordably, the state struggles to meet the demands of a large population and inadequate medical staff.

Introducing a few powerful strategies could be the solution to overcrowding and contamination throughout local Los Angeles hospitals. While this navy ship will take immense pressure off of local facilities, hospitals and medical testing centers still need increased spatial separation and enhanced safety to ensure the wellbeing of patients, medical staff and health officials. In-hospital contamination has become a huge issue and has already compromised too many health care providers, medical staff, and patients. This is one risk that could be avoided. Hospitals must provide stronger safety solutions and spatial separation to decrease the risk of in-care spreading. Providing a clean, safe environment for every patient is of paramount importance.

We have specifically designed specialty medical-grade wall partitions to help solve some of these issues. These spatial solutions are intended for medical facilities to introduce into open floorplans, waiting rooms, and in high-impact zones so as to create increased separation and safety. Below are a few of the features and benefits of our Wellness Walls. 

Wellness Walls Features/Benefits:

  • Glass Wellness Walls Promote Safe Environments
  • Glass/aluminum is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Separation of patients necessary to reduce contact/cross-contamination
    • Reduced exposure to ill patients
    • Protect patients and staff from the spread of viruses and unwanted medical conditions
  • Opaque or clear glass to provide visual privacy when needed
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Low cost, no construction needed
  • Easy to transport, are modular, and easily demountable. Can swiftly repurpose an office into a checkpoint, etc.
  • Allows you to transform a space in one day
  • Social-distancing

With all of the inherent benefits of our Wellness Walls, consider integrating them into your medical facility. While this next month will be a challenge for everyone, the best we can do is to increase separation, decrease contact and provide quick solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

Spatial separation is the most crucial element in this process to safeguard patients, medical staff and citizens against this deadly virus. Make your wellness facility as safe as possible for everyone involved. Stop the spread of COVID 19 within hospitals by integrating glass wall partitions and increased patient separation. Visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company online to view our online catalog, and Get a quote from one of our professionals today.