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Make a Great First Impression on Your Clients with These Interior Design Tips

Consecutive Glass Office Partitions by Space Plus

If you’ve ever walked into an office to find a deserted reception area and wandered aimlessly until you found help, the experience likely gave you doubts about the company’s professionalism.

You certainly want to avoid this situation at your own company. But, ensuring your reception area is consistently staffed is just one part of creating a great first impression.

Here are some tips to wow clients and visitors when they walk through your doors.

Create a visually stimulating atmosphere.

Artwork and lush (live) plants are inherently invigorating. Somewhat paradoxically, they also help put clients and visitors at ease. You can incorporate these elements regardless of the aesthetics of your space. If your office interior is modern, go with abstract art or a geometric display along with manicured plants or even a living wall. If the space is more traditional or transitional, consider big, lush plants and more traditional or photographic art.

modern office interior design glass office divider partition

Elevate your office space with sleek sliding glass doors and partitions.

The drywall is coming down in offices everywhere, and that’s a good thing. Sleek and modern glass office dividers, partitions, and sliding doors are taking their place. These versatile glass panels can be used in any number of configurations for conference rooms, reception areas, office cubicles, “huddle rooms,” and more. They’re especially useful for adding privacy and creating distinct spaces in offices with open floor plans. Plus, they instantly elevate the look of an office space.

Welcome guests with a lobby board.

Everyone loves a warm welcome (and a hint of flattery). Use a wall-mounted or rolling chalkboard to create a simple message for your guests—something like, “Welcome, Jane Smith from XX Company. We’re thrilled to have you here.” It’s a simple, inexpensive gesture that lets clients know you’re excited about their visit. These little impressions can go a long way—and maybe even steer a prospective client away from a competitor.

Post your mission statement in a visible place.

Posting your mission statement and core values sends a message to your clients that you care. And positioning it where it’s highly visible will also serve as a reminder to your employees of why they come to work every day (make sure employees live up your mission statement and that you inspire them by modeling the behavior you want to see).

Offer self-serve refreshments and current reading materials.

Again, a simple gesture, but one that shows you care about making visitors comfortable. With electric kettles and the large variety of single-serve coffee and tea makers available today, it’s easy to whip together a beverage cart for visitors to help themselves while they wait.

commercial office room dividers

Invest in great lighting.

Too many offices today still suffer from poor lighting systems that dampen mood and drain productivity. Along with a good temperature control system, quality lighting and fixtures are a must. If your office space isn’t blessed with plenty of natural light, it’s relatively inexpensive to retrofit the space with quality lighting. And, it doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Today, personalized lighting systems allow you to personalize lighting and color temperature in individual work areas/spaces.

Space Plus: Helping You Create an Impressive-Looking Office Space

The modern workplace needs state-of-the-art solutions, and Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, provides them.

Our office wall dividers and sliding doors can help you create dynamic spaces for every need—from conference rooms to reception areas to “huddle rooms.” Our partitions are sleek and modern, constructed of the highest quality tempered or laminated glass. Our talented team will help you choose from a variety of designs, glass types, and frame finishes to suit your space.

View our gallery for inspiration and learn more about our office divider walls and interior sliding glass door solutions for office environments here.

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