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Steps, Timeline, and Rules to Follow During a Multi-Unit Complex Renovation Project

Planning a multi-unit complex renovation project for a commercial property or rental community is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many essential steps you must follow prior to even establishing a project timeline. If you do not take the time upfront to work carefully through each of the steps, then your project could easily be derailed, delayed, and go well over budget.

Step 1: Decide exactly what you want to renovate.

Are you looking to change the entire appearance and décor of the unit or just make some enhancements like installing divider walls? With a multi-unit complex, it is not uncommon to have some units which will need an entire overhaul and others that just need some minor updates.

Step 2: Make a “To Do” list for each of your units.

Your project begins the moment you start building your “To Do” lists for every unit. The reason you want individual “To Do” lists is so you will know the exact quantity and types of materials you need to order for the entire project.

Step 3: Get estimates on materials and contractor costs.

Once you know which materials you need and what types of renovation work are being done in each unit, now you are ready to start getting estimates. Make sure any contractors that supply estimates provide you with their estimated timeline to complete the project.

Step 4: Create your project budget.

Once you have your estimates in order, now you are ready to create a project budget. You need to make sure you will have sufficient funds available to complete the project.

Step 5: Order your renovation materials.

It is better to order all of your renovation materials at the same time to possibly get a bulk ordering discount. Do not start renovating a single unit until you have all of your materials to complete the entire project.

Step 6: Build a timeline for your project and compare to the ones provided by contractors.

While you are waiting for your materials to arrive, you will want to start building your own project timeline. Your timeline will often be different from that provided by contractors. This is because you know the turnover on your units, which the contractor does not.

Additionally, if you are using multiple contractors, you may be able to schedule their specific work tasks simultaneously rather than one after another, which will alter your overall timeline.

This is also the perfect time to select a start date for your project. When selecting the state date, choose one that will be after you have received all of your materials and which coincides with availability from the contractors you want to hire.

Step 7: Send out announcements to your occupants.

It is a good idea to notify all of your tenants, renters, etc. of your upcoming renovation project. Make sure to include an overview of the renovations being made, hours the work will be taking place, and other such details.

8: Renovate your units.

You will want to start with any vacant units and take care of those first. From there, just stick to your project timeline and follow it until your project is complete.

Please keep in mind, this is just a general overview of the steps, guidelines, and rules to follow with planning a multi-unit renovation project. Your exact steps, timelines, and other such details can vary.

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