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Let The Sliding Door Company Help You Achieve LEED Certification

The U.S. Green Building Council launched the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program to promote a greener, more sustainable future. It does so by rating buildings according to their environmental impact and by awarding points to architects, builders, and contractors for following best practices.

There are many ways to join the green building movement and obtain certification. One easy way to earn points is by installing sliding glass doors and privacy walls in your office space. Here’s how our office space divider ideas can help you excel in the following LEED categories:

Eco-Friendly Materials and Resources

Better Manufacturing and Materials

Sustainable products have sustainable life cycles. That means they have a low impact on the environment at each stage of the manufacturing journey, from acquisition to production.

All of the materials we use at Space Plus are environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and socially preferable. We’re also committed to reducing harmful emissions during the manufacturing process.

Better Waste Management

Installing new doors or walls typically requires major construction, which generates a lot of waste. Not so with Space Plus. Our innovative framing methods and state-of-the-art materials allow us to install our products without producing any on-site debris.

Indoor Environmental Quality

More Air Flow

Sliding glass doors and sliding divider walls may not actively circulate air, but, by leaving space between the top of the door and the ceiling, they do let both natural and ventilated air flow freely between rooms or office spaces, thus improving overall air quality.

Better Air Quality

Our doors are made of high-quality glass, and our frames feature a beautiful finish of your choosing. That means you’ll never have to pollute the air inside your office by painting over the door.

Not only that but, by using glass and aluminum instead of wood and other moisture-absorbing materials, we eliminate a key breeding ground for mold.

Lower-Emission Materials

Some walls and doors contain chemicals cause indoor pollution and even health problems. Not ours. We reduce indoor air pollution by making our doors and partitions out of materials that contain fewer hazardous chemicals.

More Thermal Comfort

Our sliding doors and wall partitions not only let cool air flow from room to room; they also let warm air circulate throughout a building. In other words, our doors can make any office space more comfortable during the colder months, while helping businesses save money on heating costs.

Better Interior Lighting

Glass doors and movable room dividers may not create illumination, but, unlike solid walls, they do let light flow from one space to the next. By increasing the overall illumination while cutting down on the need for artificial light, we’re able to boost productivity and cut costs.

More Daylight

In the same way, glass doors and walls let sunlight pass from one room to the next. Since exposure to sunlight is directly correlated with positive health outcomes, that has far-reaching implications for employee well-being, satisfaction, and productivity.

Better Views

More visibility means less isolation. By using glass instead of non-transparent materials, you make it easy for employees to see each other, while also giving more people access to outside views. That means happier, more sociable employees, which, in turn, boosts productivity and increases collaboration.

Working Toward a Healthier, Happier, More Sustainable Future

The goal of the LEED program is to encourage building practices that improve health, save money, conserve energy, use better materials, and drive innovation. These are just some of the ways in which office partition ideas can help architects, builders, and business leaders achieve their LEED goals.

Whether you’re designing an office or a hospital, a school or an apartment building, you can use glass doors and office wall panel systems to improve the health of your employees, the efficiency of your workspace, and the sustainability of your business. Contact Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our environmentally friendly office solutions.