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How to Create Innovative Meeting Spaces for Employees and Clients

Most conference rooms today simply don’t cut it. Too often they’re underequipped and underused. That’s because employees today don’t thrive in traditional boardroom-style conference rooms.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a conference room. What’s right for one business may not be right for another. The most important thing is designing a space that’s optimized for the needs of your employees and clients.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul a large meeting room or you’re looking for ideas to create a functional space people actually want to use, here are some tips for creating a better meeting area:

1: Identify your audience.

First things first. Who will use the space? Your employees? Employees and clients?

If your meeting room will be shared by employees and clients, the space needs to do double duty—it should be comfortable, tech-equipped, and generally designed to impress.

If you’re designing a conference room exclusively for internal meetings and strategy sessions, the space should be comfortable and functional.

Keep in mind that lack of technology is one of the top reasons why employees don’t use conference rooms. It’s worth investing in the right equipment to make the space functional and boost your team’s productivity.

2: Create flexible meeting rooms.

There are so many options for creating dynamic meeting spaces today, thanks to movable office partitions and wall dividers. Think about how your employees like to work—in small groups or large teams—and create the space (or spaces) accordingly.

You can use movable wall dividers to break up a large conference room into smaller meeting areas or to merge several smaller spaces into one large room. And, movable partitions don’t require any remodeling, like tearing down drywall or installing support beams.

In terms of layout and seating, you’ll need to explore which configuration works best in the space. Classroom-style seating will accommodate more people, while a U-shaped seating arrangement is ideal for presentations. Just make sure that the area is comfortable and doesn’t feel cramped.

3: Automate your technology.

We’ve all been in meetings or lectures where technical problems created embarrassing delays or led to unplanned agenda changes. Don’t let your business fall into this trap. You can’t afford to have audio, video, or other technical problems interfere with an important client presentation or bring employee productivity to a halt during meetings.

Integrating your technology into a single touch panel can help you avoid technology snafus. Systems today can be programmed to dim the lights, turn on the projector, and launch a presentation (and even close the shades) at the single touch of a button.

4: Bring the technology.

Rooms with technology are used 5 times more than those without it. We live in a digital and mobile world. Like it or not, accommodating the use of technology is essential. Here are two options:

  • LED video walls. These high-tech displays offer a crystal-clear picture and vibrant colors that everyone in the room will be able to see, regardless of angle. Employees will love them, and clients will be impressed. LED technology has come down in cost recently, making it much more accessible for businesses on tight budgets.
  • Interactive whiteboards. Another excellent addition to your conference room, interactive whiteboards allow you to connect a computer or other device to a large display screen. You can use them to present all kinds of content, from Word documents to PDF files to PowerPoint presentations. Learn more about how interactive whiteboards work.

5: Ask your employees what they want.

Too often employers leave workers out of the decision-making process. This is a mistake—especially when you’re designing a space meant for them! You may not be able to give them everything you want, but asking their opinion shows you value their input.

Space Plus: Helping You Create Dynamic Meeting Spaces

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