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How To Be Everyone’s Favorite Co-worker

It may sound silly, but being well-liked at work by your fellow co-workers and colleagues is like social currency. It holds immense value and can make or break potential career opportunities and relationships alike. Being a beacon of light in an otherwise dim work environment will brighten everyone’s day, foster long-lasting friendships, and boost the overall office morale. It’s not always easy showing up to work and being the very best person you can be, day in and day out regardless of your current circumstances. Of course, we’re all human and we all have hardships, nuances, and things in our personal lives that spill over into our work life, and our energetic exchanges. Yet with these helpful tips and considerations, you’ll have the foundation and tools to employ each day to become everyone’s favorite employee.

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Practice Patience and Awareness

Existing in shared spaces, typically cramped ones, is not always fun. With so many different and unique personality types, energies, and stress levels, sharing close quarters can be taxing on many. What many successful co-working teams have found, is that practicing patience and compassion are the most effective tools in which to utilize when confronted with unsavory working environments. Some co-workers tend to talk a lot and distract others from their work. Using patience and a calm, thoughtful tone, politely remind them that you have deadlines and quotas to meet and that you get easily distracted by any conversation. This takes the blame and pressure off the chatty employee and simply reminds them that everyone experiences different levels of distraction while at work. Perhaps you find yourself on the phone often for your position. Practice awareness and see what your options are in lessening the burden on your surrounding co-workers. Because loud phone conversations are a distraction for many employees, consider talking to management, or your boss and suggest the installation of glass wall partitions throughout the office for calls to be taken in. These office wall partitions are essentially a room divider with door that reduces noise and creates a spatial barrier so the person engaged in the call is less of a distraction to others. These partitions help to provide visual privacy and curtail foot traffic.

There Is No Replacement For Kindness

No matter how large or small, acts of kindness go a long way. Everyone could use some more kindness in their lives, so why not be that person to spread and share it? Little gestures like smiling at your co-workers throughout the day, asking how they’re doing. Remembering personal details about their lives, their families, taking the time to check in with those around you. Bringing in food to share, or beverages every now and then could start a shift towards sharing and community within the office, that inspires others to do the same.

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Being Helpful and Pragmatic

If you notice a need for something within the office, take initiative and talk with your boss about it, or bring it in yourself if resources allow. Perhaps everyone is sharing a similar feeling of separateness, or lack of energy and inspiration during the day. Notice all of the ways in which the office environment could be improved, and then go from there. A lot of people suffer from a lack of natural light during their workday. Obstructed visibility and wall cubicles can cause serious depression, anxiety, and loneliness in many employees. Perhaps talk with your building about installing light-allowing glass office dividers and sliding door room dividers to increase visibility throughout the floor plan. These will create an increased feeling of connectedness, and raise team morale.

There are all just little ways in which you can help improve everyone’s day, including your own. Start with small gestures, considerations, and thoughtfulness. Speaking up about office conditions and the life quality of your fellow employees could yield surprising results. Many times, management is just vastly unaware of issues within the system, or employee discontent until it’s brought to them. Make the move towards crafting a desirable workspace, and visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company for ideas and inspiration. Get a quote from one of our professionals to begin the transformation today.