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How Sliding Doors Optimize Space in Small Condos, Apartments, and Townhomes

When it comes to space and privacy, some living spaces might not be able to offer as much room as larger homes might. But, that doesn’t mean that as a developer you can’t change up the interior to maximize space and provide ample space for owners or renters to enjoy. SpacePlus knows that the best way to save space comes from how you utilize the options given to you, and sliding doors are perfect for doing just that. 

Why Sliding Doors Offer More Space

Sliding doors don’t require the literal room to open that swing doors do. Easily tucked plumb to the wall this option will open up the apartment or unit you want renters to fall in love with. This leaves you more room to make your loft or condo spacious or add extra features. Even furniture becomes more accessible and you have more layout options for the rooms with sliding doors that hug the wall. 

Areas That Would Benefit From a Sliding Door

You can utilize a sliding door in multiple areas of your property. A bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom – especially closets, could all benefit from the extra space. Knowing that you can customize these doors to match your property’s theme is an added bonus. The opacity you choose could provide the privacy necessary in each room. For the bathroom or bedroom, try a frosted or mirrored look. For the kitchen, try something more open like clear or linen. We have the ability to build to suit your unique design ideas – and we know that buyers are looking for units that stand out from the crowd (and aren’t outfitted from box stores).

Safe, Secure Installation and Door Usage

All of our installations are outfitted for your spaces from start to finish by us. We have a clearly defined end-to-end process that will save you many headaches. We are ADA compliant. The technology behind our patented design ensures safety and quality with the flexibility to be modular. We are the first and only company to place the wheel mechanism in the vertical frame of sliding doors. Along with our patented Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism, the wheel location provides significant strength, structure and safety, ensuring your panels will never leave their track.

Why You Should Work With SpacePlus

SpacePlus has been in the business for almost two decades, and we have put together ten reasons why we are the best choice. Begin your journey with us today by reaching out to connect with one of our representatives. We believe that our sliding doors will enhance your commercial properties and free up more space.