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How Office Spaces Can Promote Productivity

Your employees’ overall confidence, contentment, mindset and general outlook are critical to the success of your company. A working environment that inspires positivity can go a long way in helping your employees return to work, especially if they have been remote for a long period of time. There are many ways an office space can boost employee morale. Here are a few things to consider:

By Encouraging Collaboration and Communication

Remember the dark, isolating cubicles that were popular in the past? Today’s offices have gone in the complete opposite direction, as they are all about culture and interaction. Rows of desks can be designed to face one another and encourage communication during the workday. The issue with open office floor plans, however, is a lack of privacy and quiet areas to focus.

Want to find a happy medium? Consider office cubicles crafted with glass, which allows for division without isolation. As well as encouraging communication with coworkers when doors are open, this solution will also result in increased productivity due to employees’ ability to slide the glass doors closed when it’s time to focus. You will no doubt see more efficient problem-solving and improved mood among your workforce.

By Being a Place to Celebrate

Morale is high in an office that genuinely treats its employees like family. Create a space where special occasions can be celebrated! Honoring birthdays, anniversaries and employee accomplishments are all ways to make employees feel special and valued.

A separate space for these celebrations is ideal, as it will ensure other departments are undisturbed during work hours. However, this doesn’t mean you have to close it off with solid walls; instead, consider letting the natural light flow through with interior glass partitions which allow for separation but also the opportunity for people to see the happiness of their coworkers, which can be contagious.

By Providing Room for Respect

In addition to doing all of the things that bring employees together, a balance must be struck between this and giving them privacy. A space where employees can make private calls, enjoy a peaceful break or lunch, or have a few moments of quiet during times of grief can make all the difference to how they feel about their employer. Space Plus provides many glass door options for phone-booth, privacy units or nursing rooms in the office.

By Utilizing The Natural Touch

modern coworking space with glass room divider

Vitamin D is an employee’s friend! Working under fluorescent lights can burn someone out. Sunlight is a natural mood booster. Plants clean the air and release chemicals that help us feel less stressed. With all those benefits, there’s no reason not to allow nature inside the office.

The light from office windows of any size can be maximized by leaving them uncovered for as much of the day as possible. If the office is already open-plan, light will be able to travel easily. However, in place of traditional walls, it might be a good idea to consider the installation of glass walls, which can eliminate the need for long hours of unhealthy artificial lighting.

Trendy and Innovative Solutions for Every Office Space

When you want to transform an office, look no further than Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company. Our wide range of top-quality office interior doors, privacy walls, room dividers and completely customizable options add timeless elegance and functionality to the office space. Get started with a free consultation at 1-888-869-1850.