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Enhancing the Design of Retail Medical Facilities: A Collaboration with Space Plus

The rise of “retail” medical services, providing on-demand, easily accessible, and cost-effective healthcare options, has led to a significant increase in urgent care facilities. To compete in this demanding market and cater to the needs of both retiring baby boomers and discerning millennials, state-of-the-art facilities are emerging, offering upgraded services like blood testing, wound care, and X-rays for sprains/fractures. As designers aim to maintain brand continuity while creating sophisticated medical spaces, Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, offers innovative solutions to control costs and optimize the overall design.

Medical Facility Glass Privacy Sliding Doors

Cost-Effective Solutions for Brand Consistency

Controlling construction costs while maintaining brand consistency can be a challenge, especially for facilities with minimal budgets. Working closely with architects, general contractors, and interior designers, Space Plus collaborates to create cost-effective designs without compromising on quality. Our sleek glass barn doors and office wall partitions are highly sought-after elements for stress-reducing medical environments. By using our products, designers can ensure visual privacy for patients and caregivers while creating an unobtrusive and sophisticated appearance.

Medical Office Small Reception Window

Early Collaboration with General Contractors

In a design/build arrangement, early input from general contractors is vital to identify the most suitable products for the budget and design. Renowned brands such as Lens Crafters, Petco, Mercy Medical, Dignity Health, and Quest Diagnostics have successfully utilized our expertise to achieve aesthetically pleasing and functional results. Our glass walls and partitions optimize natural light, making private spaces feel connected to the overall environment while maintaining complete privacy.

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HIPAA-Compliant Solutions for Medical Records Storage

Retail facilities must address medical records storage in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Space Plus offers sliding door locks with state-of-the-art locking systems to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Clean Lines for a Clean Environment

Clean lines in architectural design create an atmosphere of cleanliness and order. Our design experts at Space Plus can assist in making the right choices for your project, ensuring that the aesthetics and functionality align with your vision. We offer an exploratory conversation to understand your needs, compile budget-friendly suggestions, and keep your project on track toward your deadline.

Start Your Project with Space Plus

Contact Space Plus for a free quote or exploratory conversation with our product experts. Our customizable glass partitions and sliding doors provide the ideal solutions for retail medical facilities, ensuring cost-effective functionality and a visually appealing environment. Whether you need modern office wall partitions, glass barn doors, or HIPAA-compliant locking systems, Space Plus has the expertise and products to transform your medical facility into a space that meets all your specifications. Call 888.381.8081 or visit to begin your design journey today.