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Coworking Spaces: The Future of the Office?

The landscape of offices has been trending for 3 years away from conventional offices to coworking spaces around the globe. Part of this shift is the result of how the millennial generation likes to work. Part of their appeal is also directly related to the shift in the U.S. workforce from full-time employees to freelancers and independent contractors.

In a coworking environment, freelances, independent contractors, and others share the entire office space. As a result, the overall rental costs are reduced, which makes having an office space much more affordable. Depending on the subscription plan, they can range from a basic office package to premium options based on specific office needs and requirements.

In addition, many businesses are finding it easier to expand into new markets and territories by setting up their offices in shared coworking spaces. There are fewer financial risks should their expansion not go as planned.

To learn why millennials and others prefer coworking spaces over traditional offices and how to design your own coworking space, we invite you to read and review the following infographic.

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