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Bringing The Outside In During COVID-19

With the recently mandated closures of most businesses across the globe, many are left without classrooms to teach in, restaurants to dine in, gyms to workout at, and offices to work from. The self-isolationism of the Coronavirus pandemic is a side effect that has left our economy in shambles and has thoroughly altered everyone’s daily routines and ability to work. Even for those lucky enough to work on computers or continue making artwork form home, sometimes the unavoidable distractions of homelife (especially for those with restless children) is enough to stifle creativity and concentration.

Without access to a quiet, secluded office sanctuary to work from, most freelancers are (understandably) having a very difficult time maintaining productivity. Amounting less billable hours while working twice as long can often mean working ten or twelve hours a day, while only billing for six or eight. For others, the inconvenience of not having a gym to go to or a beach to access has resulted in lethargy, loss of muscle, weight gains, psychological distress, and overall physical stress for those who rely on gyms and the outdoors to maintain positive health. So, if you’re among those affected by the isolating shelter-in place mandates, you’re not alone. We’ve come up with a few healthy and sustainable solutions to integrate into your home and infuse into your lifestyle to ensure you make the most of your days during this all-encompassing crisis.

Bring Your Office Home

Within the past few weeks, once corona virus cases reached uncomfortable numbers across the States, almost all office buildings were temporarily closed, forcing most workers to either lose out on wages or attempt the tricky task of working from home. Computer work is not easy- regardless of profession, it can be exceptionally difficult to focus on a screen for eight or so hours a day, not taking into account the mental impact experienced during these scary times. Now add in the comforts of home, the many enticing distractions, the dog needing a good walk, and the children or roommates that want your attention. Considering all of the interferences, its a wonder how people get any work done from home. If you’re looking for a way to create a bit of spacial distinction in your home during the next month or so, consider installing glass wall partitions as a way to craft a temporary office enclosure. These wall partitions make for fantastic home offices in any house, no matter the size. With a plethora of customizable options, varying glass opacities, and accessories choices, you can design the perfect office that not only works for you but also integrates flawlessly into your existing home. With no major construction needed, these glass walls are easy to set up and take down in a matter of hours. Perfect for the current and unknown state of affairs, these office room dividers can be moved or dissembled depending on these extenuating circumstances.

The Ultimate Home Gym

Many of us are already starting to feel unhealthy during this global pandemic. With government-mandated quarantine efforts and strict home isolation mandates, it has become increasingly more difficult to retain a healthy lifestyle, including an adequate amount of sun exposure, fresh air, physical exercise, and mindful eating habits. Basically any sense of day to day normalcy went out the door when we were asked to stay at home for the majority of our waking hours. For most, access to gyms, hiking trails, yoga studios, and other such physical outlets is an integral part of life, one that helps create balance, reduce stress, improve mental health, and of course, maintain our physical well-being. A lot of people don’t have the much-needed privacy apart from their families or friends to enjoy a solid workout, stretch, or have a yoga session. Being unable to enjoy the many benefits of a physical routine is the last thing we need during this time. We should be utilizing these healthy tools to help us cope mentally, to aid in our stress management, and to help make us more resilient to illness. So, we’ve come up with a few helpful ways to integrate that special space into any home, regardless of size.

  • Replace your bedroom closets with sliding glass mirror doors to create a workout room in your own bedroom, when you don’t have extra floor space within your house.
  • Buy a set of weights, lay out your yoga mat, invest in a door hung pull up bar, stretch bands, jump ropes, and any other simple yet effective exercise equipment you may need
  • Install a sliding door room divider into your room or shared home space to craft a totally separate workout zone within your house.
  • Turn a part of your backyard into a circuit zone, or an obstacle course of sorts. This could double as an outlet for young ones to release some pent up energy while you get in a good workout, all while enjoying some fresh air together!

wall surround in an office space

By integrating some of these cost-effective, quick and breezy solutions into your home, you can finally enjoy the much-needed space and tranquility you deserve during these unprecedented times. To craft your ideal workspace, home gym, or hobby room from the comfort of your home, simply visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company for ideas and inspiration. Get a quote from one of our professionals to begin the transformation today.