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Achieving Work-From-Home Balance: Creating a Productive and Healthy Routine

The shift from office to remote work has brought new challenges to many individuals, making it difficult to maintain a productive eight-hour workday amidst the current chaos. With family members, children, or roommates at home, finding a healthy work-life balance can seem elusive. Diminished concentration and productivity have become common issues during this transitional phase. To overcome these challenges and create a well-rounded workday, focus on developing a health-centered lifestyle. Here are some effective ways to achieve balance and productivity while working from home.

Start Early

Set a consistent schedule, similar to your office routine, by waking up early and allowing yourself time to ease into the day. Use this quiet hour to indulge in activities that make you feel good, such as stretching, taking a morning walk, or enjoying a leisurely coffee. By starting early, you can finish work before the evening, leaving more time for relaxation and family activities. Remember to prioritize getting enough sleep for a refreshed start each day.

Prioritize Physical Exercise

Amidst stress and uncertainty, it’s crucial to make time for physical exercise. Incorporate exercise into your workday to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Allocate time for a walk or run, ensuring it’s your exclusive “me time” to refresh your mind and body. Returning to work after exercise often boosts productivity and overall well-being.

Create a Work Sanctuary

Designate a separate and quiet space within your home as your home office. If possible, set up an actual office with glass wall partitions or room dividers, providing spatial separation from the rest of the house. Sliding glass doors offer the flexibility to create an open space when not working and a secluded environment when concentration is needed. Personalize your workspace with items that spark joy, and let in natural light to invigorate the area.

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Take Breaks and Breathe

Listening to your body’s needs is essential. Don’t hesitate to take breaks when required, as pushing through discomfort will not yield sustainable results. Prioritize a healthy work-life balance by incorporating rest into your routine. Remember to practice deep and conscious breathing throughout the day to maintain inner harmony and reduce stress.

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The transition to remote work may be challenging, but with a health-centered approach, you can achieve productivity and balance in your workday. Embrace a well-rounded lifestyle by starting early, making time for physical exercise, and crafting a dedicated workspace. Take breaks and listen to your body, ensuring a sustainable and successful work-from-home experience. For more tips and workspace inspiration, visit Space Plus, A Division of the Sliding Door Company, and begin transforming your home office today. Get a quote from our professionals to create your ideal workspace that supports your well-being and productivity.