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5 Tips for Selecting Glass Finishes for Your Office

You’ve made the great choice to use glass for office wall dividers to create areas that are more open and collaborative. However, your work isn’t done. Because it’s completely customized glass from Space Plus, you will also have to choose the best finish types for your dividers. Here are some tips for choosing the best ones, regardless of industry or size.

1. Think About How the Space Is Used

Your office will have more than one area, so, in order to choose the right product, you’ll need to consider how those areas are used. For example, a private meeting room may benefit more from a linen or smoked frosted finish, whereas combo glass may work well for open areas like those in multi-unit buildings where tenants and guests gather.

2. Consider the Proximity of Offices to Windows

Another way to choose the right finish for office walls is to look at how close an area is to your office windows. The more natural light you can allow to flow through your office, the healthier it will be for everyone who works in and visits there. Natural light is a mood booster that has many health benefits. As well, the more natural light you let in, the less electricity you’ll need to use, which is great news for government buildings wanting to set a green example.

3. Finishes Can Increase or Decrease Room Size

Another tip when choosing a finish is to consider the size of an area. If you want a space like a teachers’ lounge to have a smaller and more intimate feel, choosing a smoked or black finish will accomplish this. For small areas like private doctors’ offices that need to look larger, clear glass can be a good choice, as can frosted glass, which also offers you translucency.

4. Public and Private Space

Healthcare providers have both waiting and examination areas, which means choosing a finish that provides visual separation between the two spaces. There are many options to do this. If you don’t want people to be able to see what’s happening on the other side, then finishes like white laminated, smoked milky, and deluxe white can accomplish this. Smoked clear and smoked frosted finishes can allow for more visibility, as well as a greater degree of light.

5. Flexible Spaces

Does a small education room need to be as flexible as possible? Where this is the case, office divider walls can be a great way to re-purpose this space. However, in doing this, the finish you choose must be able to work with your needs. When in doubt about the best finish, the best option can sometimes be deluxe white, white laminated, and smoked milky, as they all offer their own level of privacy and can cut down on the visual distractions that can affect student creativity.

Still not sure about the best glass? A specialist at Space Plus is ready to assist! We will help you choose the perfect finish for any space.