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5 Reasons Construction Professionals Love Space Plus For The Expert Resources They Provide

Architects, Developers, General Contractors, Project Managers, and Interior Designers all find great value in both the products and the expertise that Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, has been offering its clientele for years. From easily accessible documentation to personal attention from beginning to end, each client is provided customized, focused and professional care throughout the length of your design and build phase. Call us on 888-869-1850 for an exploratory conversation about your next project.

1. Factory to Field Control

We manufacture our products and have complete control of the quality and the process of getting them customized for you. There are no middle-men in our process. Our customers are able to take advantage of the competitive pricing that we can extend to them because we do not have any dealers or distributors involved in our process of providing the highest quality products and service in the industry. Every product, from office walls partitions to our sliding room dividers, you will not find better quality anywhere. Just visit us to see our space-saving solutions including bi-fold doors, pocket doors, stacking room dividers and coworking space dividers in any of our 26 showrooms or online.

office walls partitions

2. Standard of Quality

Space Plus has a nation-wide standard of quality for our production process as well as our products that each professional can safely rely on to accomplish their objectives. Our sales executives possess the exact skill sets necessary to provide any and all information regarding layout, materials, and assembly and are readily available to you throughout the lifetime of your project. Our products are environmentally friendly; glass and aluminum are recyclable, and our factories produce no hazardous waste. Our keyless entry system is proprietary and state-of-the-art and we are constantly developing new products in response to the needs of our market.

3. Accessibility of Documentation

We understand how tight deadlines can be and how necessary it is to keep a project on track. That is why we provide Product Specifications, our Architectural Binder, CSI Details as well as CAD Details readily available under the Professionals Tab on our website If you have a cell phone or a laptop in the field or anywhere else, you can get specific details from this resource at any time of day or night.

4. ADA Compliant Products

Professionals do not have to track down ADA compliant products elsewhere when working with Space Plus, The Sliding Door Company’s commercial division. We realize that compliance is not only required but can be provided with our beautiful, functional and dependable product line. Our barn glass doors, office dividers, swing doors, and conference room enclosures are superior in durability and are an integral element of the spaces we help create.

5. Our Products Allow Designers to Maximize the Most Natural Light

We know what current trends are in lighting and space planning. Clients want as much natural light as possible and as customized a space as possible – whether or not that involves glass partition walls, a mix of different styles, or space planning that creates dramatic focal points. We recognize the complexity that professionals face in serving their clients and we are committed to simplifying whatever can be simplified to allow you to be proactive about your clients’ concerns, changes and expectations. We completely understand when a project that is ready to go is re-designed to suddenly need a sliding room divider or bi-folding doors with glass for a few last-minute interior phone booths. Ultimately, the responsiveness to professionals and our receptiveness to their needs and ideas is what makes us stand out. We have the resources to make your projects a success and we also have the professionalism and experience to ensure that you can utilize them efficiently and effectively. Call, write or visit one of our 26 showrooms and get a dedicated professional to listen to your project needs and stand by you every step of the way until it is installed and rest assured that you are in the best hands in this ever-expanding industry. You can also click here to schedule your FREE Estimate from or call (888) 869-1850.