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The Advantages of Keyless Entry by Space Plus Infographic
The Advantages of Keyless Entry by Space Plus When you are considering alternatives to conventional key-based door entry, you should look into keyless entry systems. This type of system eliminates the needs for keys and makes it much...
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Privacy Glass in a Healthcare Facility
Beyond Doors: Transform Your Workspace with Space Plus Solutions! At Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, we don’t just build the sturdiest, safest, most beautiful glass partitions and doors on the market. We also help businesses...
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2018 Office Design Trends
Let There Be Light! How to Make Happy, Healthy Employees! Who knew something as simple as glass office partitions could transform your company? Here’s how Space Plus, a division of The Sliding Door Company, can help you bring in the...
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Glass Privacy Walls and Partitions in Office
Why the Glass Office Is Here to Stay Every year, offices get smaller—by at least 30 percent—and, every day, they get more transparent. Sliding glass doors have replaced solid hunks of wood and metal. See-through partitions and glass...
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Commercial Glass Swing Doors by Space Plus
Transform Your Interior the Easy Way with Space Plus! Sprucing up your workspace doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or emotionally taxing. Nor does it have to cost a fortune. Install sliding doors from Space Plus, and you can...
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Privacy or Collaboration in a Workspace
How to Achieve the Perfect Workspace Balance with Glass Doors Privacy vs. Collaboration The current trend in office environments involves shared and collaborative workspaces. While these can help fuel productivity, there can be drawbacks, especially when privacy is needed. Fortunately,...
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Clear Glass Room Dividers for Co-Working Spaces by Space Plus
2018 Design Trends: The Glass Wall Revolution Has Arrived Glass sliding doors have revolutionized the workplace. Gone are the days of solid swing doors that block light, separate workers, and eat up valuable space. Welcome instead to the age...
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Want Healthy Employees, Let The Sun In
Want Healthy Employees? Let In the Light The heart of every company is its employees, and recent years have seen great shifts in business toward supporting employee health and wellness. Companies around the globe have been creating...
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Coworking Spaces Silver Frame Room Dividers
The Benefits of Natural Light If you want productive employees, you need healthy employees. You also need happy employees. Increasing the natural light in your office is one of the surest ways to improve wellness...
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Glass Room Dividers with Black Frame by Space Plus
Tips and Tricks for Designing a Productive Workspace It’s one of the greatest challenges facing employers: workspace design and productivity. It’s clear that one affects the other—studies have consistently proven that our environment has a significant impact on...
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