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privacy office enclosures with multi glass
Adding Privacy to Glass Sliding Doors A privacy wall or glass partition is a great substitution for standard drywall or typical fabric panels that can offer an upgraded modern look to any professional or residential space...
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red and white apartment buildings
Stand Out from Competing Apartment Complexes with In-Unit Glass Room Dividers There are many important factors to consider when it comes to renovating or designing residential units. The primary concern that many contractors, interior designers, and property managers/owners face when tackling...
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dining room dividers for private events
Très Chic: The Allure of Glass Room Dividers in Restaurants Restaurant owners wanting to increase their revenue and gain more space may think that renovation is the only option. However, glass panel dividers can allow for the instant transformation of...
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The 5 Design Cs for Innovative Hotel Conference Rooms
The 5 Design Cs for Innovative Hotel Conference Rooms When it comes to creating the ideal conference room experience, design makes all the difference. Business executives are all about the experience these days, and many hotel chains are putting...
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Glass Office Space Solutions
5 Tips for Selecting Glass Finishes for Your Office You’ve made the great choice to use glass for office wall dividers to create areas that are more open and collaborative. However, your work isn’t done. Because it’s completely customized...
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students talking and writing at school
Rethinking the Classroom: Why Glass Doors Are the Wave of the Future Thanks to plenty of research, we now know that the environments we spend our time in can and do affect our thoughts and feelings. When focus was placed on the...
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woman choosing cloths in shop
Why Glass Doors Are the Way to Go for Fitting Rooms There’s no doubt that having fitting rooms in a retail store adds incredible value. Giving customers the ability to try on products in-store drastically increases the chances of a sale....
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glass privacy walls
How Partial Glass Partitions Are Environmentally Friendly Whether you’re building, buying, or designing an office, there are many decisions to make. One of these decisions will be which material is best for the walls and partitions of...
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Coworking Spaces for Educational Institute
How to Design Coworking Spaces in Educational Institutions Designing a classroom is not like designing corporate office space. Unlike traditional office spaces, schools have specific requirements a designer must meet in order to aid and inspire student learning....
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Sustainable Designs for Businesses
How Space Plus Meets Sustainable Design Challenges Head On “Sustainable design” is a term you may have heard in a few business meetings, but what is it, really? In sustainable design, the present and future needs of humans and...
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